The 3 easiest ways to get the Green Card by yourself and without help from family members

The 3 easiest ways to get the Green Card by yourself and without help from family members

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One of the most processed documents in USA is the Green Card, which is a document that endorses the immigration status of foreigners and that allows them to live and work as permanent residents. One of the ways in which it can be processed is through family ties, however, not everyone can do it this way. If you want to process the “Green Card” yourself, we reveal the 3 easiest ways to get it approved without anyone’s help on your own merits.

Every year thousands of people want the Citizenship and Immigration Service of the USA (USCIS) finally approves your application, however, only those who meet all the requirements can enjoy obtaining a visa status. legal permanent resident. There are different categories of eligibility, these have different requirements, for example, family ties can only be requested by those who have an immediate family member (father, spouse or child) living in the country as a citizen or resident.

If you do not have a family member who can file a petition on your behalf for USCIS to approve your Green Card, The alternative you have is to process it yourself and without anyone’s help. Below, we present the 3 easiest ways in which it can be approved. Take note!

Through a job

Within employment visas there are two subcategories: non-immigrant, which is for temporary workers; and immigration visas, which allow workers to extend their stay indefinitely or until the contract ends. For both, a job proposal from a US company is required and being within one of the employment preferences: EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3.


Being an investor in a company

The fifth preference (EB-5) employment-based immigration visa also makes it easier for a foreign national to obtain Green Card itself. This can be requested by people who commit to investing an amount of at least 1 million dollars in an American company or creating a new company, as long as it creates new jobs and hires at least 10 full-time American workers. .


Request asylum or refuge

Special immigrants who have entered the country under an asylum or refugee status for at least one year can begin their Green Card process so that they are recognized by the government. permanent residents. This is a category that few people can access, since evidence is required to demonstrate the fear and risk of the person returning to their country of origin.

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