The 3 zodiac signs that receive MONEY and good news at Easter

The 3 zodiac signs that receive MONEY and good news at Easter

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For obvious reasons, Mayan culture is far from Catholic celebrations. However, in terms of astrology west, both slopes find a very particular refuge. And the deep relationship that the Mayan deities have with the stars can still be seen reflected in the contemporary teachings. Meanwhile, as the signs of the zodiac are linked to the manifestations and prayers of the Earth, it cannot be denied that the destiny of the Mayan Horoscope is affected… or privileged in this season. Therefore, today they are shown at 3 horoscopes Mayans who come loaded with money and good luck for Holy Week:

What signs of the Mayan Horoscope will receive MONEY and good news at Easter?

  • Jaguar / B’alam (Pisces)

In Easter 2024, the sign of the Jaguar will receive good news in many areas of its life. This period will bring a series of financial opportunities and exciting revelations: probably recognition at school and/or work, or the arrival of a person who can serve as a key mentor to grow investments. In general, everything indicates that those who wear this horoscopethey use this opportunity to consolidate their long-term savings, but also to give free rein to certain whims that they have been deserving of for a long time: the purchase of a new car, a trip to a sought-after place, the acquisition of real estate, etc.

  • Snake / Khan (Taurus)

He sign of the Serpent receives a special blessing that will detonate greatly during ‘Easter Sunday. And this sacred day brings with it a series of surprising revelations that will change the perspective of this horoscope: it could be that someone takes off their mask, that they finally fire that unbearable colleague from work, or that they finally understand what they have been doing. bad about your finances. Whatever event takes place, the Serpent will soon have enough capital to explore new adventures and share their abundance with deserving loved ones. Thanks to the natural prudence of this sign, the Goddess Ixchel will reward them with multiple incomes.

The Monkey’s cunning will pay off after he finds himself drowning in debt. It speaks of an important success regarding investments, the realization of a very lucrative sale, or even an unexpected prize if you try to play the lottery. During Holy Week, this horoscope you will receive the gift from the Universe that you deserve; After so many difficulties regarding family savings, it will grow greatly, and on top of that, it will have the absolute blessing of Chaac, the Mayan God of abundance.

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