The House of Famous People 4: The union of the earth and water rooms has been a victory for the public – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: The union of the earth and water rooms has been a victory for the public – El Diario NY

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Yes, it is a fact that the public of The House of the Famous 4 He is the only one who truly wins from the union of forces between the fourth water and earth! What do I mean? Basically the content. Now that these two quarters have joined forces, fans who follow the show 24/7 have the opportunity to see a more open coexistence.

For example, thanks to this union the public now has a different opinion of both La Melaza and Aleska Génesis and Alana Lliteras. The comments on social media about the three of them are now favorable.

For this reason, there are those who believe that Guty Carrera and Alfredo Adame were the ones who held back the personalities of these three inhabitants who now that they share more with Clovis Nienow, Lupillo Rivera, Ariadna Gutiérrez, La Divaza and Rodrigo Romeh have more focus and allow themselves to be themselves without the need to fall into banal confrontations and meaningless discussions.

How did the separation of rooms begin in La Casa de los Famosos 4?

From day one the house has three rooms. In this season the names chosen were: earth, water and fire. The separation and/or competition began due to Gregorio Pernía, who, being part of the fourth land team, declared his intentions to eliminate against water. This happened on the second day of living together.

Obviously, after this attitude of the Colombian actor, both the inhabitants of water and fire had to adapt and join ranks. Of course, the strategy was clear at the beginning: there are more of us, therefore we are going to eliminate them faster. Certainly the union of water and fire placed them in a majority position versus earth, but the public immediately turned to full support for earth.

What was it that made fans root for Earth? The answer is Thalí García. The house fell on top of her and they made her the protagonist of this story. And from that moment, for many, Maripily Rivera had already become not only the hidden nemesis of the Mexican actress, but also the villain of this story, as a silent ally of Cristina Porta and Leslie Gallardo.

The support that Lupillo Rivera, Clovis Nienow and La Divaza They gave it to Thalí in an indisputable way, it generated such attachment on the part of the public that for the fans the four of them were the true fourth land.

The weeks passed and Thalí escaped from the house; Days later, Gregorio left the game and Tierra suffered the loss of two of its most beloved members. But disunity never came. On the contrary, they became more united, with the exception of Maripily, who throughout the game has always believed herself to be in danger and at a disadvantage, because, for some reason, the fact of not enjoying Lupillo’s attention blurs her.

Now the die is cast and the Puerto Rican no longer plays alone, but she doesn’t do it with land either. “The hurricane” now votes and lives with fire, who call themselves the fourth game. They are: Maripily, Cristina Porta, Patricia Corcino, Paulo Quevedo, Serrath and Geraldine Bazán.

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