The Charros de Jalisco in the Mexican league acquire the services of a former Yankees player – La Opinión

The Charros de Jalisco in the Mexican league acquire the services of a former Yankees player – La Opinión

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The Mexican Baseball League (LMB) seems to be the new home of players who once defended the colors of the New York Yankees, The most recent was the Dominican Robinson Canó and now it is the turn for first baseman Greg Bird, who will be trying his luck and contributing his experience and level of play to the Charros de Jalisco for what will be the 2024 season.

The 31-year-old Bird was once seen as that New York Yankees player who would be established at first base in the team’s lineup and at the same time who would replace Mark Texeira, but despite the high hopes placed on the player, Bird could not stay completely healthy and this remained only a ‘what if’.

The American is a left-hander who participated with the most famous team in the Big Apple from the 2015 season to 2019. where he recorded numbers ranging from having accumulated a total of 32 home runs, 98 runs batted in, as well as a .725 OPS in a total of 186 games divided over 4 seasons wearing the colors of the Yankees.

Bird did everything in his power to return to the Major Leagues with different teams, among them the Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays, through Minor League agreements, but despite this he could not be consistent in terms of performance, to the point that he did not receive more opportunities.

New directions in the world of baseball

Once the world of Major League Baseball was a closed chapter in Greg Bird’s professional career, he continued his career as a player and was able to sign with several teams in different parts of the world, with Australia being one of the most important venues in the Frontier League.

Mexico can serve as a springboard for Bird

Having the chance to play in Mexico means one more opportunity to show that you are healthy. and that he can perform at a good level, which translates into a new chance to return to the Major Leagues at some point.

Greg Bird restarts his career: From Australia to Mexico

In search of more playing opportunities and a great chance to redirect his career, Bird ventured into the Australian Baseball League., where he continued to demonstrate his talent and work ethic. After his time in Australia, Bird reached an agreement with the Charros de Jalisco team, a clear message of improvement and determination to get his career back on track and overcome adversity.

Once one of Major League Baseball’s most notable rookies, he is confident he can return to status. that he had at the time when he dressed as a Yankee and the expectations were the greatest, but as mentioned above, health problems and constant injuries were the stone on the way to establishing himself as a regular player in the big tent.

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