How to renew the American VISA without an interview?  These are the REQUIREMENTS in 2024

How to renew the American VISA without an interview? These are the REQUIREMENTS in 2024

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Renew the American visa It is easier than processing it for the first time, however, in some cases, the United States immigration authorities may require you to do the interview with the consul again. The bad thing is that getting an appointment also represents a waiting time, which can range from a few months to several years. In case you do not want to go through this part of the Procedurewe tell you how to renew said document without an interview. Find out the requirements for exemption in 2024!

The American visa It’s one of the formalities most requested in the United States Embassies and consulates located in different places around the world. This document is necessary to be able to enter the American Union legally and remain within the territory for a certain amount of time. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has the first-time visa process and the renewal process available to applicants.

In case you have American visa but it is about to expire, it is important that you renew it and follow this process for its Procedure– Check eligibility; then complete form DS-160; pay the application fee; Schedule an appointment at the CASV and the US Embassy or Consulate for fingerprinting and another at the US Embassy or Consulate for the consular interview.

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Also, prepare the required documentation and, if required, attend your interview with the consul (in case the document is approved again, you will receive it in a matter of days). But what can you do to exempt yourself from this step and not have to meet with an immigration officer again? We tell you the requirements that need to be met in 2024. Take note of all of them!

Who can renew the American VISA without an interview? | REQUIREMENTS

Not everyone can renew their American visa no interview; According to the United States immigration authorities, a certain group is the one that has access to this benefit. If you are a Mexican citizen and this document has expired or is about to expire, you can renew it without the need to do the interview with the consul if you meet the following requirements in force in 2024:

  • The visa must have expired within the last four years (48 months), and it must be renewed in the same country in which it was applied for.
  • You must be a local citizen or permanent resident of Mexico and be physically present in said country at the time of the Procedure.
  • Have the 10 fingerprints captured, which were taken the last time you processed the American visa.
  • The previous visa must not have been lost, revoked or stolen.
  • The most recent American visa application must not have been rejected.
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Other people who can also renew their American visa without interview They are children under 6 years of age (this benefit applies as long as both parents are Mexican citizens and at least one of them has a valid and current visa) and those over 80 years of age. Take advantage of this benefit of renewing your document in an easy and quick way and without having to make an appointment with the consul, which can delay your travel intentions for up to 2 years.

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