“The Chivas fans suck”: Cristian Calderón’s wife gets into the controversy before the Classic – La Opinión

“The Chivas fans suck”: Cristian Calderón’s wife gets into the controversy before the Classic – La Opinión

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Undoubtedly, Cristian Calderón will be one of the most watched players in the next editions of the National Classic. “Chichote” left the Chivas de Guadalajara to join the Águilas del América. In addition to this controversial change, His wife Adriana Castillo made some controversial statements about the fans of the Sacred Flock.

Cristian Calderón left the Chivas de Guadalajara through the back door. Even though his performance wasn’t that bad, His extra-sports problems influenced his departure. In addition, “Chicote” already heated up the meeting a little by declaring his affinity since childhood for the azulcrema team.

I have always gone to America (…) I always watched the Ame games, in my house there was a bet between my dad and my mom, 100 pesos, which there was nothing else, my dad went to Chivas and my América to the cool America, and I always, always always watch a lot of football, but we watched the América games“, he indicated.

The wife of “Chicote” got involved with the Chivas fans

Adriana Castillo has been constantly involved in Cristian Calderón’s career. The wife of “Chicote” has not had any type of precautions when expressing her opinions about the world of football.

On this occasion, Castillo spoke about the Chivas de Guadalajara fans. Although she has a certain affinity for the club, questions the attitude of the followers of the Sacred Flock.

I have always been a Chivista since I was a child, but the fans suck, instead of supporting you they put you down. My respects to those at the bar, yes to them (…) We lived happy moments in Chivas, but they were worse, and It was more in the aspect of the fans, he does not know how to respect the family“Castillo said in statements compiled by Fox Sports.

Cristian Calderón will meet again with Chivas de Guadalajara fans this Wednesday March 6th. The Sacred Flock will receive “Chicote” and the Águilas del América at the Akron Stadium within the framework of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League.

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