The crimes that were solved in 2021 thanks to DNA analysis

Stock image of a DNA-based study being conducted.

Stock image of a DNA-based study being conducted.

Photo: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

In the year that ended, even long-standing crimes could be resolved thanks to work based on genetic studies made by the experts. It is a sign that investigative and forensic techniques they give results when it comes to searching for answers.

Here is an account of some of the crimes solved thanks to these advanced techniques.

  • In case of Minerliz Soriano, ‘Minnie’, 13, it happened two decades ago. The little girl was strangled and her body thrown in the trash in the Bronx, New York. Last November, a DNA investigation led first to the identification of a witness and then the suspect, Joseph Martinez, 49.
  • Kathy gillcrist a DNA test was carried out a few years ago, to know your true ancestors. The woman, who grew up as an adopted daughter in South Boston, learned in 2021 that she was the biological daughter of William Bradford Bishop Jr., a murderer.
    • Stephanie Isaacson, 14, was found dead in a vacant lot in Las Vegas in January 1989. Then, a few drops of semen were found on her clothes, and thanks to what has been described as “a milestone in forensic science”, it was learned that the suspect of his assault is a man who committed suicide in 1995.
      • Ernie lapointe was able to confirm that it is joined in kinship with the legendary Chief Sitting Bull, thanks to a genomic analysis of the hair. It is the first time that ancient DNA has been used to confirm a relationship between living and historical individuals.
        • The families of two babies born in 2002 just hours apart in Logroño, Spain, they found out they were raising the wrong daughter, after a DNA test. The count made by Univision he realizes that there is a lawsuit against the Ministry of Health for the moral damages that could have resulted from the error.
          • Candy Rogers, 9, was assassinated in 1959 in Spokane, in the state of Washington. A semen sample on the girl’s clothes narrowed the search for the suspect to three brothers. The daughter of one of them collaborated in the investigation this year and it found that it was 2.9 million times more likely that John Reigh Hoff, who died years ago, was the one involved.


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