The Divaza remembers in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ the hardest moments of her life – El Diario NY

The Divaza remembers in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ the hardest moments of her life – El Diario NY

La Divaza

La Divaza, Venezuelan influencer, participated in ‘Life in Photos’, a segment in which the inhabitants of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ remember important moments to see everything they have advanced in their careers.

Together with Jimena Gállego, the YouTuber analyzed different images and explained why they were so relevant in his life.

The first image was of the content creator at his school, where he had his best friend César.

“I see myself in this photo… This was my best friend and I remember, it’s not that he was very effeminate, there he didn’t even know about my sexuality or anything, but I spent time with him, since he was my best friend I was holding hands with him, I don’t know, he was very innocent and at that time I didn’t know that I liked boys,” he said.

He explained that because of this friendship they began to tell him things that showed that they were gay.

“I was happy there and I didn’t know it,” he commented.

Then it was the turn of adolescence, when he started making videos and at that stage he had lack of self-esteem as one of the main problems.

“The Internet saved my life and if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t be who I am today,” he said.

Jimena Gállego asked La Divaza when she knew she was gay and explained that it was around adolescence, when she began to like a boy at school.

“I didn’t even question it anymore, I said ‘that’s who I am’ and the consequences came later,” he highlighted.

He stated that one of his main fears was his family, since they made comments that warned him that his tastes could bring him problems. “I was hiding it as much as I could because I couldn’t do that to my family and the years in which I hid that were difficult.”

In this segment they also showed him when he starred in his first magazine. “It was one of my favorite times,” she highlighted.

They also showed him an image of a presentation, something that showed him that his way of being was not bad, since many people supported him in his work.

La Divaza also talked about his friendship with La Jose, who was the first person who supported him in making videos for the internet.

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