The Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video was renewed for a second season

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video was renewed for a second season

The new Fallout Live Action series created for the platform Amazon Prime Video It became a global success in a few days, to the point that it is already considered one of the best adaptations of a video game to the medium of television. After several days of celebration, the inevitable happened: Amazon confirmed that it will have a second season.

Soon we will be able to enter the fascinating world of Fallout again!

Fallout Season 2 Img 1Fallout Season 2 Img 1

The anticipated (but surprising) announcement was made through the official account of Amazon Prime Video in Twitter. They published this excellent poster of the 3 protagonists, Lucy, The Ghoul and Maximussitting in an armchair with the faithful dog Dogmeat to the side. This image is accompanied by the text: “Fallout will return for Season 2” which confirms the renewal of this incredible series. This excited all fans, since this story has been one of the best that occurred within this universe and renewed the entire franchise in a way that no one saw coming.

So the fact that they are going to continue it is good news, especially if Bethesda decides to announce a new video game before its release. Unfortunately, we still know absolutely nothing about the second season of Fallout. After all, this series just launched a few weeks ago and they’re probably just starting to write the story for its sequel. However, the end of the first season left viewers excited, especially with the promise of the possible addition of one of the most powerful and iconic enemies in the entire franchise.

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On the other hand, many fans are pleading for the next season to explore the narrative of Fallout: New Vegas, which is one of the most popular installments of the franchise. Many were concerned that the events of the series had removed New Vegas from the “canon,” but he himself Todd Howard recently confirmed that this is not true. New Vegas is still canon and we will surely see this location very soon, either in the second season or in another future season. Because if Amazon Prime Video and the team behind this series manage to maintain that same level of quality, they will surely be renewed for even more seasons.

Based on this announcement, we can safely assume that the 3 main actors (Ella Purnell like lucy, Walton Goggins like The Goul and Aaron Moten as Maximus) will return to reprise their roles. And we can’t wait to see them embody these friendly characters again in the future. Although it is also interesting to speculate that other talented Hollywood actors could appear in this series soon. One of the most promising is Aaron Paul (Jessie in Breaking Bad) who has already admitted to being a fan of the show and has shown interest in appearing in the next season.

What did you think of the Fallout series on Prime Video? What would you like to see in its second season?

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