The House of the Famous 4: Lupillo Rivera makes Maripily Rivera cry – El Diario NY

The House of the Famous 4: Lupillo Rivera makes Maripily Rivera cry – El Diario NY

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Yesterday, Sunday, La Casa de los Famosos 4 experienced “The Last Dinner of the Nominees”: Lupillo Rivera, Alfredo Adame, Cristina Porta and Maripily Rivera They ate, talked and let off steam ahead of one of the most epic elimination galas of this reality show.

How are the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 going today, just hours before the 9th elimination

During the meal, Lupillo took the opportunity to dedicate some heartfelt words to Maripily, which caused the Puerto Rican to cry inconsolable tears. He, politely and without disrespect, took out everything he had saved and told him: “I am deeply saddened by you.” The singer declared her absolute respect and admiration for the kind of mother she has managed to be for her son, whom she tells him she should feel totally proud of. “I congratulate you for turning your son, with all due respect, into a total gentleman,” said “El Toro del Corrido.”

But in the midst of all this, the singer could not hide the sadness caused by everything that the Puerto Rican has done and said without any control, both against him and against his companions from the fourth earth. He admitted that in effect this is a game, but added: “yes we play, this is a game, if there are people who have to be more strategic than others and they might see me as a bad person being that, I accept it.”

For Maripily, hearing all this was complicated, probably because she esteems the singer and feels betrayed by him, when this as such never happened except in her head. Hearing this, “El Huracán Boricua” wanted to apologize herself, alleging: “Lupillo does not play with betrayal.”

Faced with this constant accusation from Maripily, Guadalupe Rivera was specific and stopped talking to her to communicate with “La Jefa” and the production of the program: “I want to ask the production that the day you leave, if you leave tomorrow, if you leave the next week, if you win the show, I ask “La Jefa” and the entire team to show you the times I voted for you, please, and to show you the times we voted for you in the room.

The interpreter and brother of Jenni Rivera concluded his speech saying: “Our intention was never that.” And in truth, the strategy was never against the Puerto Rican, but against Cristina Porta.

The titans of the house enter the SUM today

Lupillo Rivera will enter SUM today for the first time. Also joining him will be Alfredo Adame, Maripily Rivera and Cristina Porta. This is not the first time that La Casa de los Famosos 4 has experienced a nomination of this style, where it seems impossible to remove such a strong personality from reality.

It has been experienced in previous seasons with the eliminations of: Celia Lora, Gaby Spanic, Niurka Marcos, Daniela Navarro and Laura Bozzo.

Now, having said that, what are the chances of achieving it? The votes until yesterday afternoon kept Lupillo Rivera as leader and at the top in public preference. In some cases, Maripily is in a strong second place, as we see in the following graph.

However, there are also other surveys that show a completely different result for the Puerto Rican. While it is true, it is not in last place, it is also true that it is very far from reaching the first and it is very close to falling into the last.

Nothing she has done and continues to do inside the house is improving the public’s opinion of the renowned businesswoman and content creator.

The problem is that sometimes she even falls into contradictions that lead her to stumble verbally in her heated confrontations. and there are those who claim that she could have lied in order to save herself from being harshly judged by the inhabitants of La Casa de los Famosos 4, such as when the topic of “sausages” with Thalí García. Or recently the topic of cheese with Clovis Nienow.

He has also been seen to be insensitive to La Divaza’s depression themes. And the fact is that even when they were friends with the fourth earth, she always took the opportunity to expose their weaknesses, make fun of them and talk more about them with the rest of the house, violating her room and their strategies. For this reason, the reality show audience has long considered her a “traitor” of the fourth earth.

What will happen, will the public’s opinion and massive desire win? We will find out today, during the ninth elimination gala of La Casa de los Famosos 4.

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