‘It arrived with Laura Bozzo’s software’: Alfredo Adame talks about his lawsuits with Cristina Porta – El Diario NY

‘It arrived with Laura Bozzo’s software’: Alfredo Adame talks about his lawsuits with Cristina Porta – El Diario NY

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Alfredo AdameMexican actor, was eliminated this week from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, so he has revealed several details of what he experienced in this experience and also shared his impressions about Cristina Porta, with whom he had several differences within the reality show from the Telemundo network.

The experienced artist offered these statements to the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, in which he stated that the Spanish woman had a strategy before entering the competition and it consisted of using him to gain fame.

“Cristina arrived with Laura Bozzo’s software inserted in her mind, it annoyed me. She said this is the one that counts, it’s the strongest and now I’m going to hit myself to grab reflectors. Day 1 she comes out of the bathroom, I’m having breakfast and I tell her ‘but man, what a pretty girl!’ And she answers me: ‘you are an abuser of women, you are a misogynist, homophobe, a violent man,’” she revealed.

Giselle Blondet asked the Mexican if he felt that the comments Cristina made influenced women not to vote for him and Alfredo considered no, since in his networks he assures that he does not have many comments against him.

“At the end of the day, a person, I’m not talking about women, I’m talking about people, and a person who attacks you as a man and wants to defend himself as a woman, is going to have to put up with what a man answers. “She attacked me, she insulted me, she offended me, she wanted to insult me, humiliate me, I had to put up with her five times, I had to stop her train until on the sixth time I had to position her because she positioned me,” he explained.

In this sense, he specified what could have been the reason why she stayed and he did not: “Possibly she won because she says and raises her fist saying that she defends LGBTI communities, women.”

The elimination of Alfredo Adame in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ was quite surprising, since it was believed that he had an audience that was going to support him. However, he did not manage to surpass Cristina Porta’s vote numbers and that is why he ended up outside the reality show.

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