The House of the Famous 4: Paulo Quevedo is the new leader and goes up to the suite with Lupillo Rivera – El Diario NY

The House of the Famous 4: Paulo Quevedo is the new leader and goes up to the suite with Lupillo Rivera – El Diario NY

Paulo Quevedo

“Parrillada en vivo” is the name of the leader dynamic that they played in week nine within The House of the Famous 4. The first round left us with Paulo Quevedo as a finalist. The following groups remained: Alana Lliteras, Ariadna Rodriguez and La Bronca.

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Be careful, today there was a very important notice, and that is that the leader will go up to the suite with whoever the public chooses. That is to say, if Ariadna wins, the fans are willing to vote for Lupillo Rivera to go with her. What’s more, once the names of the four finalists were obtained, the public at 24/7 began to assemble the couples that could accompany them before voting:

  • Alana – Serrat
  • Paulo – Lupillo
  • Ari – Lupillo
  • Anger – Cristina

This is how the final was experienced to choose the leader of the ninth week

Paulo Quevedo entered the competition showing that he will be a leader for the fourth fire, which has now named itself “air.”

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His strategy has not been to dominate or impose, but to flow with the tide inside the house, for this reason he has accepted that land and water will not open their doors to receive any of the new ones, but will play as a team that will pretend not be united, but in the end they will vote, nominate and create strategies as a common strength for the public but not for the house. With this they intend to have a certain degree of advantage over land and water.

Now, who went up to the suite with Paulo was none other than Lupillo Rivera. The public said it on 7/24 and complied when it came to voting.

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