Andrés Guardado opened Pandora’s box and assured that the Mexican National Team has been in crisis for many years – La Opinion

Andrés Guardado opened Pandora’s box and assured that the Mexican National Team has been in crisis for many years – La Opinion

The five-time World Cup winner of the Mexican National Team, Andrés Guardado, opened Pandora’s box and had no qualms in pointing out several of the truths that have been tried to be covered up in the Tricolor environment, such as the fact that for many years the Aztec national team has been in crisis and that the United States has used them to grow footballingly, both at the club and National Team level.

Andrés Guardado also assured that: “There is a need to export players and compete as our neighboring country has done, because otherwise we will continue with this crisis that we have had in the National Team and in Mexican soccer for many years,” he highlighted.

Guardado explained that many people have spoken to him about the crisis that caused the failure of the last Mundial, who: “They talked to me a lot about the last failure of the World Cup, which stagnated from then on. From that moment there was a crisis and I say, for me the crisis in Mexico has existed for many years,” he highlighted.

And he added that: “But what was happening? Every four years people went to the World Cup, they were classified as a group, then all the garbage was hidden,” he said.

For that reason, he had no qualms when pointing out on the same topic that: “Now it was not qualified and now there is talk of a crisis. The positive side of what the latest failure can serve us is so that this garbage does not hide again,” he highlighted.

America has used us to grow

Andrés Guardado said that we must take advantage of this situation of the failure of the last World Cup so that: “Hopefully we make good decisions at the management level so that we really grow. The United States has surpassed us by a lot and I tell you more, the United States has used us to grow and when it surpasses us, I do not doubt that they will say: ‘Mexico is no longer useful to me.’”

The so-called “Little Prince” also highlighted the same issue as those who want to cover the sun with a finger regarding the fact that we continue to be superior to the United States, I think: “They are wrong, they with the Nations League competitions, the Concahampiones, the Leagues Cup, have grown in all areas and have already surpassed us, in projects and in structure,” he highlighted.

The current León midfielder also stated that: “At the National Team level they realized that they had to export players and they have done so, strengthening their team, bringing in players who are in high competition, while we mostly “They play in the local tournament and that makes a difference, a lot of difference,” he said.

We Mexicans lack sacrifice

The Mexican international who became an idol in Holland with PSV Eindohven and in Spain with Real Betis de Seville highlighted that in the Mexican environment there is a habit of Mexican players seeking to be a figure in Chivas, in Cruz Azul, in the teams that they give them comfort rather than growing in adversity with Osasuna, to mention some teams and that is giving a lot of problems to Mexican soccer.

Imago 1291351
The five-time World Cup winner of the National Team Andrés Guardado opened Pandora’s box regarding the future of the national team. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

“There is no growth, they want the comfort that comes from playing for Chivas, in other teams, instead of going to fight for a place in teams like Osasuna or others in Spain and Europe, and then betting on the great European teams that will give them the training to be able to contribute to the national team,” he said.

He stressed that no one wants to be responsible for the decision to remove promotion and relegation, “but we know that the managers made the most serious mistake in many years and that will cost Mexican soccer too much. I think that as long as this system of competition continues, we will not be able to grow,” he concluded.

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