The kitchen ingredient that will MULTIPLY the flowers of your Moses cradle in days

The kitchen ingredient that will MULTIPLY the flowers of your Moses cradle in days

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Most gardening lovers look forward to spring because most plants fill with flowers and make our garden look much more beautiful and full of colors. However, due to some deficiencies in the vitamins or minerals of some crops, you may notice that no buds have been generated that indicate the flowering of your precious plants.

One of the most anticipated flowers in spring is the Moses’ Cradlethis plant, in addition to showing off beautiful and elegant leaves, also produces unique flowers white that add to their particular beauty, if you are worried that your plants are not showing signs of flowering, you need to complement their care with a fertilizer that helps these beautiful flowers sprout in droves.

Today we will share with you the ideal kitchen ingredient that will multiply the flowers of your Cradle of Moses, Furthermore, you will not have to wait a long period for you to notice results since in a few days you will be able to appreciate those beautiful flowers characteristic of your plant. The cooking ingredient we are talking about is neither more nor less than the banana peel, this is the guide that you should follow to ensure the flowering of the Cradle of Moses.

Prepare this effective fertilizer so that your Moses cradle is filled with flowers

Banana peel is rich in potassium, this mineral plays a fundamental role in the blood cycle. bloom from your Cradle of Moses, It will help your plant to have much greener leaves and beautiful, resistant flowers. Prepare this fertilizer to make better use of banana peels. The ingredients you need for this homemade fertilizer are 5 banana peels and 2 liters of water.

In a pot, place 1 liter of water, then cut the banana peels into small pieces and add them to the pot, boil the container over medium heat for 15 minutes, once the time has passed, turn off the pot and allow the mixture to simmer. cool completely. Once it is cold, add the remaining water and let it sit for at least 1 full day. Now strain the mixture and remove the pieces of peel.

Apply this fertilizer made with banana peels directly as irrigation water in your Cradle of Moses, By having truly effective nutrients you will notice how your plant grows.and full of flowers in a few days. Apply the fertilizer at least once a week so that you notice the results in a short time. Take advantage of the benefits that banana peel can offer your crops during spring.

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