The most CONTROVERSIAL couples from ‘Kilos Mortales’ that left the public stunned

The most CONTROVERSIAL couples from ‘Kilos Mortales’ that left the public stunned


The doctor Younan Nowzaradan (‘Dr. Now’) has helped numerous patients of ‘My 600-lb Life’ to regain control of their lives. Therefore, under the reliable narrative of ‘Deadly Kilos,’ It is much more common to focus on individual cases for weight loss, which is why it is intriguing when two people walk the path of bariatric surgery together. Through a few episodes of the series, viewers have witnessed couples who support (or sabotage) each other on this journey. Below, we present the most memorable ones.

The 3 most remembered couples from ‘Kilos Mortales:’ how was their weight loss

The case of Vianey and Allen is one of the most moving in the history of ‘Deadly Kilos.’ And according to what this couple said in their own episode from 2018, they had not been able to leave the house for more than a decade due to their weight conditions. Something to recognize them is that from the beginning they behaved very disciplined with the diet that the “Dr. “Now,” so they were able to lose weight to have the surgery without the usual scolding from the famous baratric surgeon.

Unfortunately, the couple experienced a minor setback when Vianey’s heart failed during her bariatric surgery, so the procedure had to be rescheduled by the doctor. Younan Nowzaradan. At one point, only Allen was losing weight, and in addition to feeling like he was “leaving behind” his partner, he had some issues with depression as part of the drastic physical changes. However, in the end Vianey’s surgery was completed, and although Allen continues to struggle with depression today, it is known that the couple is still together and continues to lose weight.

After meeting at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena moved in together. But contrary to what was expected from their previous experiences in surgery, they relapsed into poor eating habits. Therefore, the doctor Younan Nowzaradan and ‘Deadly Kilos‘ They represented a second opportunity to lose sizes; And despite the ups and downs of the road before surgery, the couple improved a lot: Lee lost 137 kilos and Rena lost 123.

Of course, not everything remained in the “happy ending” of the show. It is known that Rena and Lee had wedding plans, and that in fact, they were happy to have been able to maintain intimate relationships after losing weight: they were finally in the appropriate physical condition for it. However, Rena confirmed, through Facebookwho separated permanently from Lee in 2019: she forgave him for one infidelity, but when he committed the second, Rena had enough and broke up with him. This was the closing of this pair in ‘My 600-lb Life.’

The lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton have unleashed a sea of ​​emotions, and in fact, their entire journey goes beyond their episode in ‘My 600-lb Life‘. Both sisters have their own show through TLC, which continues to air. Broadly speaking, the two television figures live in constant comparison: popular opinion claims that Amy has been more disciplined with her weight loss, while Tammy is famous for the passive-aggressive comments she constantly directs at her sister. .

Today, far from the usual dynamics of ‘Deadly Kilos‘Amy (36 years old) is married and has two children. For her part, Tammy (37) has a partner and is looking to make her debut as a mother. Overall, the two have garnered quite a bit of controversy together: while many believe Tammy is lying about her health problems (including a worrying cancer diagnosis,) Others believe that Amy takes advantage of her sister’s illnesses to make money from her fans. Whatever the case, her life continues to be televised.

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