The new royal scandal that surrounds Prince Harry with the threat of an exotic dancer

The new royal scandal that surrounds Prince Harry with the threat of an exotic dancer


A new scandal reaches up to royaltywhere the members of the famous family are always getting involved in them and now it was the turn of the prince harrywho has been pointed out by a former exotic dancer who claims that she kissed him during a party in Las Vegas and now threatened to publish a series of photographs that would be very compromising for Meghan Markle’s husband.

The woman named Carrie Reichert Royale claims to have intimate photographs of the prince during that night of partying and which she threatens to publish on her OnlyFans account, this as part of her revenge after being invited along with some strippers to the Wynn hotel.

This would have occurred in 2012 and according to Carrie, it would be a revenge for not appearing in the Duke of Sussex’s book “Spare” where he shared some of his memories a few months ago, in addition to his account on the adult content platform being blocked.


Even that year, the British media The Sun published some photographs of the son of King Charles III in which he appeared hugging a woman with very little clothing and this happened when he was 27 years old, and now this news is being taken up again with the new threats.

This was the dancer’s threat to the prince

The former dancer gave a series of statements to said medium and assured that she has photographs of Prince William’s brother in her possession and seeks to publish them through OnlyFans: “I have some nice photos of him naked” and revealed his main reason for doing it.

The reason would be because she’s “a little mad about being erased in her book. I mean… She missed a lot of things from that night.” Since he does remember some things despite being intoxicated, she added that she “could have talked about the few things that happened between us, that completely escaped her.”

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One of the things she claimed is that she was at the hotel when Harry was playing guitar with a pool cue while he was naked and even sang Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and only used a glove to cover himself. .

Finally, the former dancer shared that the prince gave her underwear as if it were a souvenir and he left the party naked while hugging another woman, being one of the biggest scandals for the British royal family.


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