The Polynesian family has a new member;  Lesslie Polinesia is now a mother

The Polynesian family has a new member; Lesslie Polinesia is now a mother

After several months of uncertainty about the health condition of Lesslie Polynesia and her baby, the youngest of the influencer family, revealed that at the end of 2023 she became a mother.

In October of last year, Leslie Yadid She shared with her fans that she was excited about her pregnancy Every day I was discovering the meaning of being a mother.

However, the Polynesia The 28-year-old was absent from social networks for a while, which caused the concern of his millions of followers, whom he told in a video that was emergency hospitalized.

And without giving more details, he kept everyone waiting for the situation until his most recent publication.

When was Lesslie Polinesia’s baby born?

Through your account instagram The young woman shared a photo in which her hand is seen holding her daughter’s, accompanied by a message thanking her for all the teachings she received in this new stage.

“Thank you my life for coming into this world teaching me so much in every moment since you were in my belly, with all my love I always hug you. You are the greatest gift that life has given me. I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL BABY,” Lesslie wrote.

Also, on the YouTube account Polynesian Talkwhich she shares with her siblings Karen and Rafa, a video was published showing the baby’s birth process, as well as her reaction to holding her in her arms.

In the video that already accumulates more than 3 million visits He also revealed that his daughter was born last December 27 by cesarean section, a process in which she was accompanied by her sister Karen, who at all times showed her support and accompanied her in her moments of worry because her daughter Leslie He was born at 33 weeks of gestation.

Her fans on social networks also showed their support and congratulated her on the birth of the baby, whom many “Polinesians” were already expecting.

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