Daniela Romo says goodbye to Tina Galindo: this was their relationship

Daniela Romo says goodbye to Tina Galindo: this was their relationship

The public relations company Danna Press announced the death of the theater producer Tina Galindo to the 78 years old.

Through a release, the management company reported that the celebrity died due to a respiratory faliure and in the name of his family, they asked for respect in this difficult time.

Furthermore, they announced that very soon they would pay tribute for recognize his life and career in which Daniela Romo was present over the years, so both were always involved in rumors about what their relationship was really like.

What was Tina Galindo and Daniela Romo’s relationship like?

Celebrities always were surrounded by speculation about if they were more than friends and this occurred from some statements that singer gave at the time, where he said that the producer had accompanied her all her life.

“She was with me all my cancer and He has been with me 44 years. We have done our whole lives together and he is a more than important being for me. I’m with her. In addition to a gigantic admiration because he has strength and is a wonderful person,” he stated at the time.

Romo also assured that throughout that time, the producer was aware of her both professionally and in her personal life, however, the reality is that Their relationship was always based on respect. and the love of knowing each other for so many years, well Galindo was Daniela’s manager and friend during those 44 years, But nothing more.

What did Daniela Romo say after the death of Tina Galindo?

The singer Daniela Romo spoke out after the death of the producer was announced and said blessed by God having given him the opportunity to have met each other along the way.

“I don’t believe much in soulmates or soulmates, I think that sometimes it’s just God blesses certain beings and makes them meet on the road and walk it together and create and do”, Romo explained.

Likewise, he highlighted that Tina accompanied her throughout her entire career. and that she had no way to thank him for all the support he had given her, since it is worth remembering that Daniela suffered from breast cancer more than 10 years ago, during which time Galindo was by her side.

“She gave me so much, because she had a great career and she accompanied me throughout my journey and I will never finish thanking you how he supported me, how he helped me, how he took care of me… all”, he pointed.

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Finally, Romo stated that he said goodbye to her with all the love he could and that he will always take her with him.

I say goodbye to her with everything with the love that I am capable of saying goodbye to her and I don’t dismiss it, I carry it in me”, concluded the actress.

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