The reason why you can be denied American citizenship even if you have passed the exam

The reason why you can be denied American citizenship even if you have passed the exam

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One of the most important and indispensable documents for a permanent stay within the USA is the American citizenshipwhich allows us to live, work and study legally and indefinitely compared to if we only have the Green Cardalthough this is also necessary to be able to carry out all the procedures required by the US authorities.

Get the American citizenship It is the last step for many migrants who want to make their life in the North American country and have to do it through the process of naturalization with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and meet all your requirements.

One of the fundamental things to be able to obtain United States citizenship is not only to comply with the documents they ask of us, but also pass two exams, one of them is language to demonstrate that we master English and the other is about knowledge of civics and history of the country.


Why your application for US citizenship with a passed exam may be rejected

It is very important that you pass the civic knowledge exam as well as the English exam, but even if you obtain a good result there is also a possibility that you can be deny your citizenship and cancel the process of this document and here we tell you why.

After taking the exam and having passed, there is one more step that you must do, since a naturalization ceremony where you must take an oath in English and your attendance is mandatory, because if you do not do so they may cancel the procedure.


If you do not attend, the entire process will be suspended, but do not be discouraged because there is a solution and you can submit a request through the form N-445 before the USCIS with a letter in which you must request a new ceremony date and giving the reasons why you did not attend the event.

Also, remember that the green card or the permanent residence It is an essential document to carry out this process, because you must have it for at least five years for it to be valid and you must also remain within the United States for a certain time.


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