The tea bags you should put in pots to revive your dry plants

The tea bags you should put in pots to revive your dry plants

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One of the problems that gardening lovers face the most is that of Dry plantsdiseased and with yellow leaves. It is believed that when they are in that state there is nothing to do, but fortunately, this is not the case since there are some home remedies that do work to make them to revive. Such is the case of this one, in which the tea bags to cure them and resurrect them in a matter of days. Here we tell you which ones to use to save your plants from dying.

If in your home you have Dry plants with yellow or brown leaves this can be due to many factors, the main ones being: insufficient or excessive watering; exposure to direct sunlight; low level of humidity; extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, that cause stress in plants; insufficient nutrients and diseases and insect pests such as mites, aphids or mealybugs.

For these reasons it is that you plant could be dying and you have to act as soon as possible to revive it and make him recover. Home remedies To achieve this, there are many, but few are effective and economical. One of them is the tea bagsa gardening trick that experts recommend because it gives results, revives the plants and you don’t need to spend money.

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The use of tea in floors It provides a series of benefits that improve their health and growth, such as: provision of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, essential for the healthy growth of plants; protection against diseases and pests; improves soil quality as it makes the soil in your pots have more organic matter and nutrients.

Homemade fertilizer made with tea bags to revive dry plants

Revive dry plants It is an easy and possible task if you use the right ingredients, those that have the nutrients that your plant needs to revive; in this case, the tea bags They are rich in iron, magnesium and hydrogen, components that the plants lack when they look sad, droopy and have yellow or brown leaves; adds to the land of his flowerpot some of the following teas to make your plants beautiful, flowering and healthy again:

  • tea bags chamomile: this tea has antifungal properties that help prevent diseases in the floors; Likewise, they stimulate their growth and improve their resistance to adverse conditions, such as climate, light and lack or excess of irrigation.
  • tea bags green: contain antioxidants that benefit plants by protecting them against environmental stress and improving their general health; These are the tea bags you should use if you have one. Dry plant just about to die; the revive immediately and after a few days you see an improvement.
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  • tea bags nettle: this tea is rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and nitrogen, nutrients that turn out to be the salvation of the floors that have dry and yellow leaves. This tea is one of the most used by gardening experts.
  • tea bags banana: this delicious fruit contains potassium and when used in the form of tea it turns out that it gives many benefits to plants, since it accelerates their growth, makes them flower and strengthens them so that they become resistant to any pest.
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How to use the tea bags in the floors? It is very easy to revive your dried plants, since all you have to do is put 4 to 5 used or new tea bags in the soil of their plants. pots and water with plenty of water (without flooding); Finally, leave them there, let them release all their nutrients and remove them a week later. You will notice that your plant revive within a few days and regains its health and beautiful appearance. Try this gardening trick! You’ll love it!

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