What does a consul evaluate you in the interview to obtain the American VISA?

What does a consul evaluate you in the interview to obtain the American VISA?

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If you want to travel to the USA and you are going to process for the first time American visayou must take into account a series of things that are quite important for when you carry out the process, since it is a complicated procedure in which the consulate officer in charge has the power to accept or reject your visa according to the compliance with requirements and what happens in the interview.

It is important to take into account what the consul is going to evaluate us during the application process. interview and all the factors that are relevant for them to be able to make a decision about your visa, since in the end they are the only ones who have the power to give it to you or reject it.

So it is better to be prepared when the time comes to face the interview and thus have the best advice to do the best possible when we are in front of the consul and have a successful interview to be able to travel to the North American country.


What you should take into account for your visa interview

To obtain the American tourist visa B1/B2 It is taken into account that you have well planned your trip, that is, the destination you have scheduled where you offer information such as where you will stay, as well as the time you plan to stay within American territory.

It will also be important that you have how and with what find out What are your income, which must be sufficient to cover your entire trip through the United States and, at the same time, demonstrate that you have no reason to stay longer or live in the country, since you only have a few months to do so.


Likewise, you must also demonstrate that you will return to your native country, which can help you if you have a home, if you are studying or what your job is in order to share the reason why you will return and that everything is verifiable for the US authorities.

It is of great importance that the data you provided through the DS-160 form be the same ones that you will answer to the consul’s questions, since the information must match or otherwise, you could have problems for lying or omitting things


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