The United States launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with primary school with a salary of $3,000 per month |  REQUIREMENTS

The United States launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with primary school with a salary of $3,000 per month | REQUIREMENTS

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Company in USA requests people interested in working in the country for 3000 dollars a month. This job is aimed at Latinos with primary. Those interested in applying for this vacancy must have some physical and personal skills. The employer requires that applicants be willing to work as a team and be able to perform work adapting to different weather conditions, outdoors.

The position offered is as construction personnel. In this job, interested applicants must be in charge of excavating trenches, cleaning debris or waste materials, assisting in preparation work at different construction sites, operating heavy machinery, assisting in the placement of reinforcements to support both sides of the excavations carried out.

The employer who offers a salary of 3000 dollars a month requires that interested personnel have experience working in different types of constructions. To apply for this job, applicants are required to be in good physical condition to endure a heavy and demanding pace of work. As part of the job, people hired as construction personnel will be required to operate construction-related machinery such as surveying equipment, small mechanical hoists, cement mixers, earth rollers, and jackhammers.

Additional information about this job position for Latinos with primary school

To aspire to apply for this opportunity job, The employer requests that interested parties meet the following requirements; have a level certificate primarywho have extensive knowledge in the use of tools, one or two years of previous experience in a job similar or related to construction, basic English, adaptation to change and the ability to work under pressure.

Is requirement It is essential that those interested in this work have the absolute willingness to travel to USA to work. The established working hours are Monday to Friday from 6 am to 2 pm. This is a full-time job vacancy, according to the employer, hours may vary. The entire recruitment process may take around a month and will be carried out remotely.

This personnel selection process will be carried out through 3 interviews that will evaluate the applicant’s level of knowledge and their level of language proficiency. In addition to offering a salary of 3000 dollars a month Public assistance insurance and temporary work contract are offered. If this possibility of employment You find it attractive and you meet the requirements requested by the employer, register directly by clicking here.

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