Robinho affirms that he was convicted for being black in Italy and hoping to have a voice in the Brazilian Court – La Opinion

Robinho affirms that he was convicted for being black in Italy and hoping to have a voice in the Brazilian Court – La Opinion


The former Brazilian soccer player Robson de Souza ‘Robinho’ stated that the Italian Justice convicted of rape for being a black person and hopes to “have a voice” in the Brazilian court that on Wednesday he will decide whether to approve the sentence.

“I was unjustly convicted in Italy for something that did not happen and I have all the evidence that shows that,” dsaid the former Real Madrid player in an interview broadcast this Sunday on the Record radio station.

The former striker will submit to the opinion of the Superior Court of Justice on Wednesday, which will decide whether to confirm the nine-year prison sentence handed down by the Italian Supreme Court, which found him guilty of participating in a gang rape suffered by a young Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub in 2013.

The Brazilian Constitution prohibits the extradition of natural-born Brazilians, but allows the sentence to be served in Brazil. In this sense, the Superior Court of Justice of Brazil will dictate whether it approves the sentence and orders his imprisonment in the South American country.

Robinho, 40, alleged in the interview that he had a “superficial,” “quick” and “consensual” sexual relationship with the victim and that he then went home.

The rape occurred in 2013, when Robinho was playing for AC Milan, in a nightclub in that Italian city and a friend of his participated. Ricardo Falco, who was also convicted for it, and other people who, according to him, were not held accountable in court.

“I played four years in Italy and I got tired of seeing stories of racism. Unfortunately today it happens. That happened in 2013 and today we are in 2024, which leads me to believe that the same people who do nothing against racism are the same ones who condemned me in my trial,” he said.

And he added: “If my trial were for a white person, it would be totally different, without a doubt.”

In this sense, I hope that “justice is done in Brazil” and that here he can show his “evidence”, which, according to him, proves his innocence.

“I hope that in Brazil I can have the voice that I didn’t have outside (…) I didn’t do anything, I didn’t commit any crime,” he stated.

Robinho gives his opinion on the Dani Alves case

Asked about the case of Dani Alves, sentenced in Spain to four and a half years in prison for a crime of sexual assault against a womanRobinho said that in his case the victim reported the events “four months later” and not immediately, as happened with the former Barcelona player.

“My case was an injustice (…) I know how to respect everyone, even women,” he noted.

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