The whistler Fernando Hernández in the eye of the hurricane for two apparent sins in the first episode of the final – La Opinión

The whistler Fernando Hernández in the eye of the hurricane for two apparent sins in the first episode of the final – La Opinión

The referee Fernando Hernandez of the first leg of the grand final between Blue Cross and America did not go blank, since his work was harshly questioned by the referee specialists in the sports analysis tables and on social networks for two plays that according to They should have been marked differently or, failing that, they deserved a stronger sanction.

The first of the plays where Mr. Hernández’s judgment was severely questioned It was the foul committed by América goalkeeper Luis Malagón in the 6th minute of running time in the first half, when in a ball that was delayed by Jonathan Dos Santos, the American goalkeeper, in his eagerness to prevent danger in his goal, fouled Uriel Antuna. Cruz Azul forward inside the area, stepping on his foot.

The referee did not hesitate to award the maximum penaltybut the disciplinary action for that foul in the interests of what the regulations say in the sense that a foul by the last man between the goal and the rival is a penalty, the whistler Fernando Hernández did not even mark a yellow card against the American goalkeeper.

This decision generated controversy on social networks and in analysis programs, where former referees Felipe Ramos Rizo and Francico Chacón, who are especially severe in their assessments, judged it to be a serious omission. that Mr. Fernando Hernández has not expelled the Águilas goalkeeper.

Imago 1520237
The foul by Luis Malagón, goalkeeper of América, on Uriel Antuna, forward of Cruz Azul, who supposedly deserved a red card and who did not even deserve a yellow card due to whistler Fernando Hernández. Photo: Diego Padilla/Imago7.

This, coupled with the criticism and disapproval that this omission by the referee has generated on social networks, has placed him in an uncomfortable position, especially because they continue to question that the appointment of said referee was not appropriate for a match of this magnitude.

To make matters worse, in the second half, when the azulcremas took control of the actions, the second controversial action was generated when in the light blue area, the Uruguayan Carlos Rodolfo Rotondi knocked down the American captain, Henry Martín, it being evident after several repetitions that the Cruz Azul defender had stepped on the American playerbut both Fernando Hernández and the VAR people let the action pass, considering it accidental.

Obviously, the judgments against the work of the aforementioned referee were not long in coming.thus increasing the pressure for next Sunday for the whistler who is chosen for the final game and who is supposed to be the international Marco Antonio Ortiz, beyond the fact that before this Thursday’s game his family was supposedly threatened with death as pressure to May he do a good job, especially in favor of the Cruz Azul squad.

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