“There is another woman with my ex”: Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s tense call to 911 is filtered

“There is another woman with my ex”: Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s tense call to 911 is filtered


It’s been a couple of weeks since Elizabeth Gutiérrez hmade public his separation from William Levy And after that, a series of unfortunate events have occurred that have been made public, evidencing the family problems they have. After leaving her house, the famous woman has resorted to requesting police support on several occasions. All of those calls to 911 and visits to her house were recorded by the police force, which were leaked in recent days.

The relationship between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez She has always been involved in controversies and rumors of infidelity, however, for many years they had worked to strengthen their love and ignore it. After a back-and-forth of separating and returning again and again, at the beginning of this year they made the definitive decision to go their separate ways for the sake of both of them and their children, although apparently they did not remain on good terms.

The actress left home a couple of months ago and Kaily, her daughter, went to live with her, thus leaving her father and his son in the family home they used to share. During these weeks they have visited the house a couple of times in search of their belongings and on one of these occasions they requested police support due to how tense the situation became, since, according to the young woman, her father had pushed her to prevent her from She entered one of the bedrooms, where according to her she heard a woman’s voice.


After suspicions that another woman was hiding in her home, they called 911 to request that they be escorted inside and take the clothes and belongings they needed. Two police officers arrived, one questioned them and the other entered the residence, where they found no evidence that a woman, except for the domestic service person, was inside. The video of said intervention was recorded by the camera that all Miami agents carry on their uniform.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez explained that, although they are no longer a couple and it is not a crime for Levy to be with another person, she demanded her right to decide who enters her house and who does not. During questioning, she also confessed that William Levy He is not financially responsible for his children, which would be the real reason for their separation.

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