They claim that Ben Affleck would be responsible for the “fall” of Jennifer López – El Diario NY

They claim that Ben Affleck would be responsible for the “fall” of Jennifer López – El Diario NY

It is a secret to no one that Jennifer Lopez has started 2024 on the “left foot” after the release of his most recent album “This Is Me… Now”. And despite the expectations expressed in the Latin artist’s first album in 10 years, it was severely criticized and pointed out, both by the public and by the specialized industry, to the point of being classified as a “true” failure.

In addition to the above, the audiovisual material that accompanied the album, as well as the documentary that showed its development, were criticized for focusing solely on praising the woman born in The Bronx.

If all of the above were not enough, the promotional tour for “This Is Me… Now”, which was affected by the cancellation of 7 shows in various cities in the United States, recently changed its name to “This Is Me… Now/Greatest Hits” with the intention of expanding her “radio” and calling on those people related to the career of the actress.

Jennifer Lopez posing.
Jennifer Lopez released her new album “This Is Me… Now” last February.
Credit: Mezcalo

Although the majority of experts, and the general public, point out that the main reason for the “fall” of Jennifer Lopez It is due to the competitive “market” as well as its late update, a new voice, a specialist in this industry, revealed an even more influential factor in JLo’s bad streak: her husband Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck, the culprit of Jennifer Lopez’s bad moment?

According to this voice of authority in the musical world, who contacted the Daily Mail newspaper, the “miserable face” of Ben Affleck He is “playing a bad role” for Jennifer Lopez.

In the shadow of the beloved and long-suffering Jennifer Garner, much of the images we’ve seen of JLo have been mundane: car rides with Ben, arguments on the sidewalk, fast food takeout. Often looking miserable. This has broken the fourth wall, one that we had all bought. “We didn’t want him to be a normal person.”

Music industry expert

In previous weeks, and after the announced failure of the Latin artist, López’s former publicist, Rob Shuterhad predicted that the poor reception of Jennifer’s new album would be due, among other factors, to the lack of interest that people and critics have in her relationship with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez posing.

As said by Shuterthe “On The Floor” singer did not make a “good calculation” when thinking that the world would be interested in her love with Affleck.

Through a large number of interviews before and after the publication of “This Is Me… Now”, the singer has pointed out on countless occasions that her relationship with the Oscar winner for “Argo” is the essence of her album. Even in the documentary that shows the development of her album, she mentions on several occasions the weight of her relationship in the concept of the recording material.

Ben Affleck posing.
Ben Affleck was part of the 10 highest-earning actors in 2023.
Credit: Mezcalo

Despite all of the above, the businesswoman will also begin the tour of her most recent album starting in August throughout the United States.

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