Henry Martín close to defining his future: Sports goals with America or dollars in Arabia or the MLS?  – The opinion

Henry Martín close to defining his future: Sports goals with America or dollars in Arabia or the MLS? – The opinion

The time of contractual definition for striker Henry Martín is getting closer and closer to América, But according to supply and demand, the continuity of the Águilas seems increasingly distant, since within his outlook there is the concern of being able to promote the future of his family above the sporting goals with the Águilas.

And compared to the offer from the team led by Brazilian André Jardine, which would be around $15 million dollars for three years, according to unofficial versions, the money from Major League Soccer would exceed said offer, but above all of Arab football, which would practically double America’s offer.

That’s the dilemma you have. the future of Henry Martín, who through effort has become a key player in the American present and little by little he continues to write a brilliant story in a team where he arrived almost anonymously and with personality he ended up imposing himself, even a year and a half ago when the América board was about to negotiate him to the Chivas and the Tigres of the UANL.

Obviously, family security is a very big detail that haunts the head of the forward born in Mérida, Yucatán, 31 years agobecause according to his age it is the last opportunity to have an offer of this magnitude based on his achievements as the starting gunner of a team accustomed to betting on foreigners.

Martín reached 100 goals last Saturday and placed himself in seventh place among the forwards with the most goals in the history of the Águilas, where the privileged list is headed by Luis Roberto Alves “Zaguinho” with 188, followed by Cuauhtémoc Blanco with 153 goals, Octavo Vial 152, José Alves “Zague” (Dad of Luis Roberto Alves) 109, Enrique Borja 104 and Enrique González Palmer with 101.

Henry, with his 100 goals, surpassed the 99 of the historic Carlos Reinoso, as well as the 98 of the Paraguayan Salvador Cabañas and Carlos Hermosillo with 94, which is why it is a priority for América to renew its star striker as soon as possible, since there are other teams that they want it, although it would not be available for the Mexican market.

Imago 1505493
America forward Henry Martín faces the most important decision of his life and his future as a player Photo: Diego Padilla/Imago7.

Another point that plays in America’s favor is that Martín wants to continue being taken into account for the national team with the aspiration of playing in his second World Cup in 2026, which will be held in a tripartite manner with the United States and Canada, where he aspires to fight for ownership with Santiago Giménez from Feyenoord of the Netherlands, Raúl Jiménez from Fulham and Julián Quiñones also from América.

So these are crucial hours for the Americanist team and the future of Henry Martín.

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