They claim that Prince Harry NO longer trusts William and this is the reason

They claim that Prince Harry NO longer trusts William and this is the reason


It seems that the problems and controversy in the British royal family They do not end, because in recent weeks they have been in the eye of the hurricane due to the health status of some of their members since it has been made known that both the King Charles III, as Kate Middleton They were diagnosed with cancer and both are undergoing treatments to combat the terrible disease, but they have also attracted attention due to some tensions.

Although they are in a very delicate moment for the future of the monarchy, the family has not been able to put aside some of their differences because let us remember that there was a breakup and separation between the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the prince williamthe Princess of Wales and her father since moving to the United States.

But now that they are in this complicated moment, many have believed that it is the ideal time to smooth things at least between the brothers, because while some assure that Harry will travel to the United Kingdom to be with his family in these difficult times, there are others who believe that the relationship will not improve.


Why Harry stopped trusting his brother

In full monarchy crisisit has now been revealed that Harry doesn’t trust his brother and the reason is due to the now closeness it has with the queen camillawhich has generated total distrust for the Duke of Sussex and that lately the queen and the prince have had to work more closely after the king’s absence.

This was announced by the royal expert, Tom Quinn, who revealed to ‘The Mirror’ that the duke feels betrayed from his brother since he is closer to Camila, because he believes that in this way he begins to forget all the legacy and memory he left Lady Di.


“Harry increasingly distrusts Prince William because he sees Camilla as a reminder of the past and feels that his brother, by collaborating with her, is leaving aside the legacy of his mother, Princess Diana,” said the expert.

Some experts believe that the distance between them and the current situation of the family could affect their relationship even more, as it could create greater tensions in Princess Diana’s children and even divide the British royal family much more, generating more speculation about the future of royalty.


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