The TERRIFYING prediction that anticipated the arrival of the solar eclipse a century ago

The TERRIFYING prediction that anticipated the arrival of the solar eclipse a century ago


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For lovers of astronomy and its manifestation is, the arrival of the solar eclipse of the next April 8 This is one of the most important events of this season, since it will be perceptible in its entirety in much of the north of the American continentbut there are endless theories on everything upon arrival, and one of them is the prediction which has been around for a century, but this is not entirely your friend, as it has made more than one person tremble, and this is what you need to know.

It is important to mention that according to experts, this celestial phenomenon It is called the most impressive in the world, since it occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow on some parts of the Earth and blocking the face of the Sun for observers who are in those places, although not you believe this one year 2024 will be clearly noticeable in different nations and much of the north of the American continent.

What is a fact is that different cultures, religions, Cults and even sects and fortune tellers have drawn their own conclusions from this manifestation, since apparently it has been known for a century about its arrival, which will also be as powerful as it is feared, and that is why there are not very good omens with his presence; through the social networks have come up with a theory that dates back a century and this is what you need to know about it.

This is a video that went viral through TikTok where a young man makes known from when he already had the knowledge regarding the arrival of the solar eclipse of the next Monday April 8, but the most surprising thing of all is that its date has left everyone with their mouths open, and just a few days after its publication, the clip of the platform of Chinese origin is already about to reach a million likes so this is what you should know about it.

What was known about the solar eclipse of April 2024 a century ago?

According to the clip of a user who has been identified as “@fer.rods”, shows the cover of newspaper the Sunday Journal of Ohio of December 23, 1970, and in this publication the arrival of a solar eclipse of 2024and this has generated even more curiosity about what makes this so special freak Yes, in previous years others of its kind have already manifested themselves and we are going to tell you about it below.

The news was released to the USA 54 years ago, since it was the time since they were already expecting the arrival of a solar eclipse total that is one of the most anticipated in decades since this is going to be completely total in some states of Mexico and a large part of the american union, since for a few seconds the sunlight will be blocked to such a degree that it will seem like night, so it is also a event completely historical.

It is important to add that since that time, a debate began to take place around the vibrations and some powers that this manifestation of the King Star, and even if you don’t believe it, there are those who say it comes loaded with apocalyptic energies that they could very well end the world or many assure and speak of a transformation that would speak of the beginning of a new era.


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