They claim that the father of the grand final referee Marco Antonio Ortiz was threatened with death – La Opinion

They claim that the father of the grand final referee Marco Antonio Ortiz was threatened with death – La Opinion

Unconfirmed versions that circulated on social networks and on the official Facebook account of the whistler’s father Marco Antonio Ortiz, They assured that he received death threats so that the referee designated for next Sunday’s grand final between America vs. Cruz Azul, have a good performance in the match that will be played at the Azteca Stadium.

After the name of Fernando Hernández circulated at the beginning of the week as whistler for the first leg at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, the version also appeared that Marco Antonio Ortiz would be chosen for the final game, thus generating a great discomfort among the cement fans who did not hesitate to show his anger at considering that in the regular tournament the work of the so-called “Gato” Ortiz was not favorable in two matches of the Celeste Machine.

The discontent of the celestial followers was fueled by the controversy that has generated in the specialized programs where the former whistlers and now analysts of this profession, rejected the dappointment of Marco Antonio Ortiz himself and Fernando Hernández who had to open the panorama in the first leg this Thursday at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium.

The death threats that appeared on the Facebook account in the name of Marco Antonio Ortiz Vargaswhere you can see the entire series of warnings so that the Nazarene does a good job next Sunday.

“Either whistle right or there’s a bullet”, “Tell your son to whistle right. “Let it be seen that you are in charge, you fucking old man,” “Tell your son to do good refereeing or I swear you won’t count it”, “Sir, you have a nice family, just talk to your son and let him call the final well.”

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The alleged threats against the father of whistler Marco Antonio Ortiz must be investigated and those responsible punished exemplarily. There they speak to the Liga MX and the Referees Commission. Photo: Imago7.

Shortly after the news went viral on various news portals and social networks, the account was restricted to the public, but all these expletives had already been generated that unofficially put at risk the stability of the family of the international whistler with a FIFA badge and whose records they place it as one of the two best whistlers of the Clausura 2024 tournament along with his colleague César Ramos.

So far neither the Arbitration Commission nor the MX League have commented on the matter, especially because it remains to be corroborated. officially where the threats come from through the IP address from which these types of expletives were issued.

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