They made Jonathan Dos Santos cry: The midfielder left Chivas vs. America with frustration and sadness

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His debut in a America vs. Chivas it was not what i expected and Jonathan Dos Santos He left the field expelled and with tears in his eyes.

The youngest of the Dos Santos came out in the way he least expected in his first participation in a National Classic. It was the 51st minute when Chivas took a corner kick and Hiram Mier’s shot hit the crossbar, on the rebound the ball went to the edge of the area, where Sebastián Pérez Bouquet and Jonathan Dos Santos fought, only that the Americanist player did it with the studs ahead and on the humanity of the rojiblanco player, so the referee did not hesitate to get the second yellow card, which meant his expulsion from the game.

Upon leaving, the blue-cream showed frustration and sadness on his faceso much so that tears appeared in his eyes, so a rival had to approach him to comfort him, Fernando Beltran, who hugged him and patted him on the back. Upon leaving him, his colleagues on the bench also showed him their affection and even Marcelo Michel Leanothe Chivas coach also approached to hug him and whisper something in his ear.

Despite the fact that Chivas played with an extra man for almost 40 minutes, they could not make a difference on the scoreboard and the duel ended in a goalless draw.

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