They rejuvenate Barcelona: Lamine Yamal and Pau Cubarsí, the MVP against Napoli, shine as veterans – La Opinion

They rejuvenate Barcelona: Lamine Yamal and Pau Cubarsí, the MVP against Napoli, shine as veterans – La Opinion

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The first to praise the great performance of Pau Cubarsi in his debut in the UEFA champions league against Napoli, it was the same technical director of the team, Xavi Hernandez, who He assured that his blood does not boil or his heart accelerate when the 17-year-old defender is covering such an important match.implying that he trusts his player, because he knows his great talent even though he is still a minor.

And Cubarsi did not disappoint him, neither to him nor to the millions of fans who hoped he would not make mistakes that could cost them elimination. At the end of the match, the score was 3-1 in the second leg, with a spectacular performance by the young minor who He finished as MVP of the match.

And it is that the young man of 17 years and 50 days, literally ate the Nigerian Victor Osimhen, one of those experienced ‘9’s who are a tough nut to crack.

“The summary is that, When Cubarsí has ​​the ball, my heart rate doesn’t go up. That is its best virtue. I’m calm when a 17-year-old has the ball.. That is priceless. AND Naples has put pressure, but he has always found the best option. AND When he plays long, he plays with sense, He doesn’t throw it just to throw it. They fall at the foot of his companions. QIt’s wonderful to me“said Xavi, the coach of the Barça team.

And, as if that were not enough, Cubrsi’s talent is not only noticeable in his feet, but also in his mentality, since he demonstrated great defensive reading and cold blood to face any type of emergency, in addition to impeccable decision making. When it comes to building the start of the play coming from behind they are life insurance.

He has a very well-furnished brain.. Furthermore, he is calm, he is slow, he is a very humble boy who asks us for videos to improver. The predisposition and interest he has in improving make him better every day,” concluded the strategist.

Lamine Yamal, the other minor phenomenon

Yamal is the other young footballer who is breaking it down with Barcelona. A few weeks after debuting in the league and becoming the youngest in history to score a goal in LaLiga, at 16 years and 87 days old.

From his first games he stood out, being a pillar of his team’s victory in the final of the 2023 Joan Gamper Trophy, where in 10 minutes he played he managed to send an assist and participate in the 3 goals that gave his team the title.

Recently, last weekend, Yamal stole the headlines after scoring the solitary goal that gave Barcelona victory over Mallorca in LaLiga, after a great performance that earned him praise from the rival team’s technical director, who even predicted a future similar to that of Lionel Messi.

“He’s young, I know they work very well here with young people, and If this continues like this, he will be a player who will bring a lot of joy to Barça.. He is a player who defines matches. Today he gave the three points and it is not the first time,” said Javier Aguirre after Yamal sentenced his team to defeat.

“The Basque” He remembered when he saw Messi in the Blaugrana youth teams and said that Lamine is very similar.

He (Messi) was with the Barça youth team. I saw him for five minutes and he was a rathe didn’t stop scoring goals. This scoundrel also looks like a rat”, he concluded.

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