They reveal that William is closer and in love with Kate Middleton than ever after CANCER announcement

They reveal that William is closer and in love with Kate Middleton than ever after CANCER announcement


They say that in the worst moments you meet the people who really love you and care about you, and this seems to be happening to Kate Middleton now that he announced that he has cancer and that he is undergoing chemotherapy. Close sources revealed that the prince william He is closer and more in love than ever with his wife, who is going through this complicated health situation.

The British royalty is going through one of its worst moments of crisis, something that has not been seen since the death of Lady Di. With the announcement she made Kate Middleton about him cancer suffers, the future of the monarchy is at risk, especially because the member of the most popular royal family currently in the world is she, who is going through this complicated situation.

However, the Princess of Wales showed that she has the courage and strength to get ahead of the cancer and win the battle, especially if you have your family by your side. In recent months and just weeks before it was announced that he suffers from this disease, it was rumored that the prince william He had a lover and that this was Kate’s former best friend, Rose Hanbury. Due to this situation, it was even said that the royal couple was on the brink of divorce.

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However, once informed about the cancer what’s wrong with it Kate Middletonsaid rumor was completely discarded and now it is assured that the prince william He is closer and in love with his wife than ever, whom he never leaves alone. According to close sources, the Prince of Wales applauded his wife’s bravery and courage for telling the world what is happening to her.

Prince William more in love than ever with Kate Middleton after cancer diagnosis

A close friend of prince william revealed to The Sunday Times that the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom is extremely proud of the “courage and strength” he has shown Kate Middleton in the fight against cancereven before, when he underwent abdominal surgery. “It was her decision, she did not regret it and he fully supported her,” added the source, who even revealed that although the Prince of Wales did not agree with revealing the news, he supported her decision.

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He prince william played an important role in his wife’s decision to reveal her diagnosis to the world, as he remained with her at all times. Likewise, he is surprised by Kate’s fortitude and strength, because even though it is not an easy situation, she has tried to be as good as possible for her family, especially for her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. With all this, William feels more in love with her than ever and behind her were the rumors of infidelity with Rose Hanbury.

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Likewise, it was revealed that both Kate Middleton As the prince william are “enormously moved” and by the warmth and support of the public following the announcement of the cancer of the Princess of Wales. Several personalities around the world, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have shown their feelings and have sent them words of encouragement to continue. A Kensington Palace spokesperson said: “The Prince and Princess are hugely touched by the kind messages from people here in the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world in response to Her Royal Highness’s message.”

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