They spread new photos of Emma Coronel from prison;  Chapo’s wife posed very smiling

They spread new photos of Emma Coronel from prison; Chapo’s wife posed very smiling

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Amid reports that Emma Colonel could be released from prison soon, the wife of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman He gave something to talk about again on social networks, after spreading new photographs in which he is seen posing.

It was in November 2022 when the first of these images was leaked on the internet, in which he is seen next to a man whose identity is unknown. Now two more photographs were released in which the same subject appears with her.

On the postcards, Coronel Aispuro is seen smiling, while wearing the characteristic outfit of the FMC Carswell prison in Texas, from where he could leave very soon.

Although the date on which these photos were taken is not known, it seems that they were two different moments, since both the scenery and the clothing of the person accompanying him are different.

In addition to Under Armor sneakers and white sunglasses, Emma only wears a black watch on her wrist as an accessory, something very different from how she was seen in Brooklyn, New York, during the trial of the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The truth is Chapo’s wife takes advantage of any occasion to show herself in front of a cameraeven from the prison where she is confined.

However, this is not the first time that Emma Coronel has been captured from prison, as another image of her that went viral on social networks was previously released.

On that occasion, it was the Instagram user @maralumakeup, known for making up Chapo’s wife for different events, who shared the photograph, accompanied by the text: “They send you greetings plebes”.

Maralu, a friend of the former beauty queen, had a video call with her, where she is seen wearing her gray uniform. The photograph was taken from a computer screen and was shared on the makeup artist’s Instagram stories, who, shortly after, covered Coronel’s face with a crown sticker.

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