They will donate organs from Mateo, Andrea Legarreta’s nephew who died in an accident – El Diario NY

They will donate organs from Mateo, Andrea Legarreta’s nephew who died in an accident – El Diario NY

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After Mateo Diaznephew of Andrea Legarretalost his life in an accident in the United States, his parents and the driver announced that they will donate the organs from the 14-year-old adolescent to more than 15 people.

Through his Instagram account, Legarreta published some photos of his family member, accompanied by an extensive farewell message, where he also announced the decision they made to donate their organs in order to help others.

”Matthew… My beautiful boy… As I told you… You are so special and wonderful that God chose you and your family so that through you the miracle of giving life to other children can be done! What a generous gift full of love. from your extraordinary parents who knew of your kindness and willingness to give life if you ever found yourself in this situation,” the actress also began saying.

“How wonderful to think that your heart will continue beating in the chest of another young man or woman… And that each of your organs will change the lives of beings who were waiting for a miracle and that miracle is you,” he continued.

“Mateo, beloved, we will hug each other again one day… While that happens, we will continue giving gas to life (as you said) and living our lives as best as possible… You can be sure of that! We love you INFINITELY my child. God with you always! Fly high love! You are a champion! He loves you eternally, Your manina“, are some of the words that Legarreta dedicated to his nephew.

Once the young man’s organs are donated, his remains will be cremated and his family will fly them to Mexico to bury them next to his paternal grandmother.

How Andrea Legarrera’s nephew died

On March 20, while Mateo was practicing motocross at 3 Palms in Conroe, Texas, he crashed his motorcycle and ended up with a brain injury and serious injuries.

He was immediately taken by ambulance to Children’s Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he had emergency brain surgery. However, because The brain injury affected other organsthe teenager died on March 22, two days after his accident.

Although Díaz had medical expenses insurance, it does not have international coverage. The family started a Go Fund Me campaign to cover medical bills, travel expenses and the funeral.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $200 thousand dollars. Until 3:40 p.m., on Thursday, March 28, the family had $116,274 dollars, donated by 892 people.

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