This is Diego Klein’s character in ‘Los Ricos Tambien Lloran’, TelevisaUnivision’s telenovela

diego klein los ricos tambien lloran

diego klein is part of the cast of “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran“, the new TelevisaUnivision telenovela. As many know, this is a new version of what had been done before with the same title in 1979 with Veronica Castro and Roger War in the leading roles. In 1995, Televisa repeated the story as “María la del Barrio” with Thalia and Fernando Colunga in front. Now in 2022, they are claudia martin and Sebastian Rulli who will lead the project.

Diego Klein’s character is called Santiago Hinojosa and he is a new one for this new version made by W Studios in Mexico.

Santiago is a handsome and athletic young man. Smart and enterprising. Noble, of good feelings. He is very honest and disciplined, with clear and precise goals. He wants to be a great professional in Business Administration, a career that he is passionate about.

He also wants to honor his mother for all the sacrifice she made to get him ahead on her own, after divorcing her father, who was careless and treated her badly. His relationship with Daniela, his mother, is good and Don Alberto is like a second father to him, creating friction in history with Luis Alberto.

Diego will share most of his scenes with actress Lorena Graniewicz, who plays Britny Chantal, and with whom the character of Santiago falls in love. In addition to Lorena, Diego shares credits with Alexandra Barros, William Garcia Cantu, Sergio Reynoso, Delilah Polanco, Henry Zakkaamong others.

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