This is how CANCER has affected Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship

This is how CANCER has affected Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship


The situation in the British royal family remains complicated in the face of health crisis that two of its members are living, the King Charles III and Kate Middletonafter being diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and although they are now in the middle of medical treatment, concern about the disease continues among the British and those who faithfully follow the royals.

But without a doubt, the one who has caused the greatest commotion is the Wale’s princessbecause we know that she is not only the most popular member of royalty, but that she is also the favorite of many, so this sad news has made many not only worried, but also on alert for any information, since it is receiving chemotherapy.

Although so far no further updates have been given about the princess’s health, neither has it been said how her relationship with him is going. prince william although Kate’s official biographer has given more information about their marriage and how it has affected them after the news of the cancer.


The relationship between William and Kate after cancer

Robert Jonson is Kate’s official biographer and has stated how the cancer has affected the relationship between the princes of Wales, since the life and routine of this marriage has changed since then, although for him, this has brought them closer together and has strengthened their bond.

“The ups and downs that the Princes of Wales have overcome together have cemented their bond, which is now unbreakable and has only grown stronger,” he said.

Although, some time ago the couple had gone through moments full of rumors about the future of their marriage, including those of the alleged infidelity from William, things are going much better for them, they have already been able to get over it and leave it behind to focus on the present and future, as well as Kate’s improvement.


According to the expert on the royals, William and Kate are taking advantage of this time and “they are taking this difficult stage as the biggest challenge of their lives“, so this has made them “come closer than they were and emerge stronger”, which would be good news for the couple.

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