This is the activity in which Kate Middleton takes refuge to cope with CANCER

This is the activity in which Kate Middleton takes refuge to cope with CANCER


Without a doubt, the Royal Family of Great Britain is experiencing one of its greatest contemporary crises. On the one hand, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to make headlines with numerous disdains towards the Crown. And on the other hand, the cancer It is a devastating diagnosis for the lives of King Charles and Kate Middleton. However, the latter faces her illness with courage and recreational activities, which, surprisingly, include gardening.

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Kate Middleton’s favorite hobby that surprised her fans

In a context in which Kate Middleton must deal with a diagnosis of cancer while being a mother, wife, public figure and potential queen consort; Everything indicates that her greatest hobby is giving her some calm. According to what she recently told Jennie Bond (former BBC royal correspondent) Prince William’s wife has always been a deep devotee of nature; and today more than ever, she has found refuge in various work of gardening. Bond, like many citizens in the United Kingdom, hopes that the Princess of Wales recovers her health, while he shows great enthusiasm for her new hobby:

I’m sure that Kate Middleton He finds great solace in his gardens. And in general, the joy of being outdoors during these months of recovery will do you good. The Princess of Wales has always drawn great strength and inspiration from nature. Life in her country has provided her with peace in many stages of her life, and this is no exception for her. I’m sure she has seen calm and optimism in the green shoots of spring, especially in the seeds she has planted herself.

According to Jennie Bond, Kate Middleton does all kinds of work gardening: from planting new seeds in the royal gardens, to growing your own sprouts in the vegetable gardens at your disposal. And while her father-in-law, King Charles, has already fully returned to public life, the Princess of Wales still skimps on the tasks she must attend to before the press or before the various political figures of her country. Although there are still not many details regarding the evolution of the preventive chemotherapy that she is taking, it is known that Kate remains optimistic about the cancer; showing a strength that has been praised by his followers and all members of his family.

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