This is the Beverly Hilton Hotel: The place where, without an audience, the 2022 Golden Globes will be held

Golden Globes 2022: who are the nominees for the 79th edition?

Golden Globes 2022: who are the nominees for the 79th edition?

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The Golden Globes arrive at their 79th edition mired in controversy, so the ceremony of this January 9 It will be held without an audience, it will not be broadcast on television and it will not have a red carpet..

In the past this award. that awards film and television, was one of the most important in the awards season and it was even considered a point of reference to make the pools of nominations for the Oscar.

The nominees for this edition were announced on December 13 through YouTube. The order of this ad was the rapper Snoop Dogg, who went viral for mispronouncing the names of the nominees.

What is the Beverly Hilton Hotel like

This year’s winners to be announced at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in a ceremony without much preparation where only the winners in each category of both film and television will be read.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel, which is located at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards in Beverly Hills, California.

This 4 star hotel is built on an 8.9 acre lot. It is known for hosting the Golden Globes in recent years.

As the venue for this award, the hotel is usually considered as a hollywood history reference, because many of its stars have been awarded there.

Hotel features include three restaurants and bars, the largest heated pool in Beverly Hills, 60,000-square-foot meeting rooms, spa with a variety of revitalizing treatments.

What is the controversy that has downplayed the Golden Globes

At the beginning of 2021, after its 78th edition, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was accused of corruption, harassment and lack of inclusivity. One of the first actions to take was on the part of the television network NBC, who said they would not give up their channel for the ceremony to be broadcast.

In the months that followed, several Hollywood stars came out in favor of the accusations. One of them was the actor Mark Ruffalo, who in that edition won an award for Best Actor in a Miniseries for his work on the HBO series “The Undeniable Truth.”

Ruffalo, known for being the “Hulk” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, said that “Honestly, as a recent Golden Globe winner, I cannot be proud or happy to be the recipient of this award.“.

They also spoke Scarlett Johansson Y Tom cruise.

After all the controversy the Hollywood Foreign Press Association approved a new code of conduct and ruled on the accusations.

They said: “We condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse. We have been concerned by reports that certain members have had a unacceptable behavior in the past Y we are deeply committed to ensuring that it does not happen again“.

Among the accusations that were made to the Association was the lack of inclusion among its members, so that among the actions they took was to include 21 new members, including Hispanics and African Americans.

Are measures did not cause the television network to retract its decision, so this year and may the following this award pass without pain or glory. It is even likely to disappear.

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