This is the reason why Kate Middleton has NOT made public what type of CANCER she has

This is the reason why Kate Middleton has NOT made public what type of CANCER she has


In the middle of last January, Kate Middleton The Princess of Wales suffered a health crisis due to which she had to undergo surgery. The princess stated that she was suffering from severe pain in her abdomen, due to which it was necessary to operate. It was during that surgery that the doctors detected a health problem related to the cancerAlthough the surgery was successful, the princess has had to receive preventive chemotherapy sessions.

Since the beginning of the health crisisand Kate Middleton, The Royal House managed with total secrecy regarding the princess’s state of health, although the media and the English people remained pending at all times for any update in the information, it was not even possible to obtain an image of the moment in which The princess left the hospital to recover at Windsor Palace.

In addition to the rumors related to the health of Kate, The public and the media handled the idea that a divorce between William and Kate would possibly occur due to infidelity on the part of the prince. It was one’s own Kate who issued a message to end the rumors and clarify once and for all the reality of the situation, through that message, the Wale’s princess He made it known to the whole world that he suffers from cancer.

The reason why Princess Kate keeps the type of cancer she suffers a secret

In the video that princess shared through social networks that, as part of his medical treatment, it has been necessary to carry out preventive chemotherapy sessions, obviously the news that he suffers from cancer has been a hard blow both personally and for his family, due to that their children They are still very young, this is the central reason why the princess has not revealed the type of cancer suffering.

In this regard, the Royal House reported that the matter related to the health of Kate It will be handled with the most absolute discretion because the princess has the right to undergo the corresponding medical treatment with the greatest privacy possible. Kate, He was also punctual in stating that his recovery process will be kept out of the public eye for the sake of his children. For now, the princes of Wales will not attend the celebrations to be held in Windsor on the occasion of Easter.

The estero world has been moved by the news of the state of health faced by the Wale’s princessthe English people are fully aware of the princess’s health and the issuance of her message has largely served to silence the rumors that were circulating publicly. It is expected that the health status of Kate Middleton be established as soon as possible so that the princess can return to her public activities as soon as possible.

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