Chiquis admits that with her new tour, “Diamantes Tour”, she seeks to empower her entire audience – El Diario NY

Chiquis admits that with her new tour, “Diamantes Tour”, she seeks to empower her entire audience – El Diario NY

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Chiquis She starred in an extremely sincere conversation with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda where she talked about how all the harsh comments she received one day about her body did affect her in a negative way, even though she considered herself a strong woman. And she also explains the new mission that she accepts and has in this life and how with her “Diamante Tour” she seeks to live a party with her audience and empower them all.

In this interview with Mara, Chiquis accepts that she sees herself as a “Queen Bee” because of how she has learned to fight in the midst of everything the negative you have received. He also believes that his mission with this whole issue is to try to change the world, even if this means doing it one at a time.

But she stressed that even though she can identify with a bee, there are aspects in which she doesn’t. For example, she says: “I don’t like to snack. I don’t like hurting people. “I’m not like that, I like to live with good intentions.”

The singer, for several years on the other hand, recognizes that for many years she was a victim of cyberbullying. All of his photographs and/or videos shared on social networks were always taken out of context with the sole purpose of making fun of his physique. Unfortunately, many people in today’s society tend to criticize the bodies of celebrities, falling into the “body shaming”, which consists of making fun of a person for the shape of their body.

Today, Chiquis has left all this behind. But beyond being because the public has begun to respect her, this for many is more related to the fact that in the last two years, she has experienced considerable weight loss. There are many journalists and/or fans who tend to congratulate a person, famous or not, for looking thinner, as if beauty were intrinsically linked to the weight of a human being.

During the conversation with Mara Patricia, Chiquis She admitted that in her moments of loneliness she was especially aware of this hate and of course she was affected by it. “It has been hard because for a long time I believed all the bad things they said about me. I thought she was very self-confident, but when I was completely alone all those comments did hit me. But fortunately I have learned to love myself and now I understand that, in addition to how I look, inner beauty is the most important”declared Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

“I understood that the most important thing is inner beauty, that is the most important thing,” said the singer. She also accepts that when she understood this she managed to find her mission in this life, and this is what has allowed her to change and be a better person.

In the interview he also talked about his new album and admits that he personally really likes to sing about heartbreak, because in life he has suffered a lot from these types of situations, although he accepts that currently he has learned from all those mistakes he once made.

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