This is the vegetable that will help your jade tree grow healthy and flourish

This is the vegetable that will help your jade tree grow healthy and flourish

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One of the favorite plants of gardening lovers is the jade treenot only thanks to its beauty, but also for all the properties attributed to it in the world of Feng ShuiWell, according to this belief, with the help of this plant you can obtain money and abundance by having it at home as part of your decoration, making it a great ally for financial issues.

That is why we must give it the appropriate care so that it continues to give us its attributes and we can have the wealth that we want through attraction, and make it have optimal growth and great flowering, so that its green leaves continue to stand out.

So in addition to basic care such as giving it the appropriate amount of water, natural light and shade, it also needs to receive the necessary nutrients through a fertilizer or fertilizer and what better than to do it ourselves with ingredients that are basic in our kitchen.


That is why today we will use one of the most used vegetables, whether for salads, broths, dishes or even juices, it is the tomatoan ingredient that we always have in the kitchen, as it is undoubtedly one of the most used every day thanks to its distinguishable flavor.

Likewise, the tomato has important nutrients that can help our health and therefore also our plants, since it provides vitamin A, C, B1, B2, phosphorus, sodium, fiber, potassium, calcium, antioxidants, among others that will benefit the jade tree .

How to make homemade fertilizer with tomato

You will need five tomatoes, which must be perfectly clean and you must remove the peel until you get about 100 grams, since it will be the skin that we will use to make this homemade fertilizer with which we will make the tree multiply your flowers.


After you have the necessary amount, place the peel in a pot with a liter of water and let it boil for about two minutes until you obtain a infusion which we will blend to obtain the nutrients from the skin, finally we will only strain it to empty it into a glass jar.

Add it with water to be able to water it more easily and water your jade tree with this homemade fertilizer so that your plant grows healthy and strong and produces many flowers this spring so that you can take advantage of its beauty.


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