The 3 United States consulates in Mexico that you should avoid if you want to process your American visa quickly

The 3 United States consulates in Mexico that you should avoid if you want to process your American visa quickly

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If you need to take out the American visa because you plan to take a trip to the United States soon, then you should avoid, at all costs, the 3 consulates of the American Union in Mexico that are known by applicants as the slowest to process said document. They are not an option for those who want the American visa quickly, since their waiting time is more than 2 years.

The American visa It is a complicated procedure, but in recent years it has become more difficult to carry out, especially because there are few spaces to have a appointment with the consul, which is the final step, since he/she is the one who determines if you met the sufficient requirements to become the holder of said document. Currently, there are several complaints from applicants about the wait time to get an interview.

Get a appointment for the American visa interview in a consulate from the United States to Mexico may take longer than desired due to several factors. Some of the common reasons why US immigration authorities are slow to schedule an appointment include:

  • Volume of applications: The US embassy or consulate receives a large number of visa applications, which can cause delays in scheduling appointments.
  • Limited resources: Visa processing capacity may be limited by the number of staff available and the resources available to the Embassy or consulate.
  • Security Procedures: The United States has rigorous background check procedures for American visa applicants.
  • Peak Season: At certain times of the year, such as during holidays or periods of high demand, there may be a higher number of visa applications, resulting in delays in scheduling appointments.
  • Administrative processing: Some American visa applications require additional administrative processing, which causes the interview to be delayed.
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These are the US consulates in Mexico that take the longest to process the American VISA

For those people who need to process their American visa quickly, it is best not to take out appointment in the following consulates from the United States in Mexico because they are the ones that take the longest to complete the process. These are:

  • Tijuana Consulate: there are appointments until March 11, 2026.
  • Consulate of Guadalajara: appointments available on March 18, 2026.
  • Consulate of Ciudad Juárez: there are appointments until March 30, 2026.
  • United States Embassy in Mexico: appointments available on April 27, 2026.

There are currently no appointments available at the Hermosillo consulate. On the contrary, if you want to know what the consulates of the United States in Mexico in which the application is processed the fastest visa these are:

  • Matamoros Consulate: there are appointments on October 16, 2025.
  • Nuevo Laredo Consulate: Appointments available on October 21, 2025.
  • Nogales Consulate: Appointments available on January 26, 2026.
  • Consulate of Monterrey: there are appointments for interviews on February 3, 2026.
  • Consulate of Mérida: appointments available for February 9, 2026.
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Take this information into account before taking out your appointment for the American visa or if you are thinking of changing the date. Consider that whatever the day, at least the waiting time exceeds one year, when you want to get the document for the first time (in case of renewal it is usually much faster). Now that you know what consulate from the United States to Mexico take longer to process, choose the one that best suits you.

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