This is what Dr. Polo looked like BEFORE her cosmetic operations;  how many have been done?

This is what Dr. Polo looked like BEFORE her cosmetic operations; how many have been done?



Without a doubt, the Doctor Polo continues to be a topic of conversation throughout the social networks Although the program Telemundo, Case closed She has been off the air for a few years now, as she has remained truly active through social networks, and at 64 years of age, the tv star She is still a quite attractive woman and these are the aesthetic fixes that has been done.

It is worth mentioning that it was since 2019 when the Talk Show of the famous Spanish-speaking network went off the air, because according to the same versions of the judge of Cuban originthe channel’s producers did not reach an agreement to keep it within the programmatic bar, so it was decided to end the era of this program, but to this day its episodes continue to take over the social networks.

It is important to mention that over 18 years, Ana Maria Polo She was the best leader who could have created one of the most successful programs the organization had. Telemundo network, since it became a reference for the latin community after exposing some of the cases that directly affect these people, and that is why until now she continues to be very loved by her millions of fans, and these are some of the differences that are clear on her face.

What is a fact is that over the course of two decades of program Within the channel’s programmatic bar, fans were able to notice the incredible transformation of the lawyer born in Havana, Cuba, since she herself has revealed the aesthetic fixes to which he has been subjected in his life, reasons why to date he can boast of an indisputable beauty at 64 years of age.

How many operations does Doctor Polo have?

It was at the end of 2014, when the presenter of Case closed with his millions of fans he opened up to the media Latin moms where he shared for the first time what his beauty secrets and the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone, because like all television personalities, the industry has put her on the ropes on more than one occasion due to her physical appearance, since she faced criticism on no more than one occasion.

And one of the procedures he has undergone is a leg lift. skin on the facesince she assures that after the mom cancer treatments that she experienced, she noticed flaccidity in that area, reasons why she did not hesitate to enter the operating room again to correct these errors, since she assures that she has always been a very flirtatious and even vain woman, and without any shame she shares it with her friends. millions of fans.

Another area that has obviously had to be reconstructed is the breasts, since the disease He forced her to do it and she is happy with the result; but without a doubt his greatest beauty secret is he botox, because he claims to be one of their saviors in terms of personal skin care, Well, her results have helped her on several occasions, but she has also recommended that the main thing is to sleep and have a good rest routine.


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