This is what the Christmas tree that Sherlyn has in her home looks like

This is what the Christmas tree that Sherlyn has in her home looks like

Mexican actress and singer Sherlyn has shared with all her followers the final result of the Christmas decoration What did you do this year?

Sherlyn lives in Mexico City and for the decoration of his Christmas tree he hired the services of a company specialized in the area.

The actress explained to her followers that JackMa Design is a Mexican company specialized in decoration and attended by their own owners. It also tells that they make quotes according to what each client wants and has.

Apparently, the size of the tree that you have and the decorative elements that you have or if, in some cases, you have nothing, should be explained to them.

sherlyn too warned that now there are few places left for new clients and advised everyone who lives in Mexico City to write quickly.

The final result in his home was displayed with great pride. Sherlyn’s Tree it is quite traditional with green branches and it was also decorated with the most common colors on these dates: red and white.

The tree is not completely covered in ornaments, which sets it apart from other star trees. An example of the opposite is the one Carolina Sandoval put in the house she just moved into.

What the tree has the most are ribbons, but there are also some horse-shaped decorations, spheres, Santa’s clothes, cookies and more.

Sherlyn explained how the company she hired works/ Courtesy Instagram @sherlyny

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