To the rhythm of baseball, Mexico beats the Dominican Republic 8-0 in the W Gold Cup – La Opinion

To the rhythm of baseball, Mexico beats the Dominican Republic 8-0 in the W Gold Cup – La Opinion

The Mexican women’s team had no compassion for the Dominican Republic to deliver a spectacular rout at a baseball pace, 8-0, in their second game of the W Gold Cup that was held at the Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium in Carson, California.

As shown by the scoreboard, the Mexican team had no mercy for the Dominicans and from the first half built their victory in the second game of the competition with six goals scored in the first half and the remaining two in the second half.

The goals of the Aztec squad led by the Spanish Pedro López were scored by Nicolett Hernández 11′, Jaqueline Ovalle 13′ and 24′, Karen Luna 20′, Rebeca Bernal 44′ and Diana Ordoñez 45+4 in the first half.

While in the second half Jasmine Casarez completed the overwhelming score 70′ and Mayra Pelayo 90+3, without the Caribbean women being able to react and avoid the catastrophe they suffered on the field of play.

In this way, Mexico achieved its first victory in the group stage of the W Gold Cup after tying with Argentina in its first duel and being ready to face the United States next Monday.

The reasons for the defeat

To get an idea of ​​the scandalous score, it would be necessary to review the problems that the goalkeeper of the Dominican team Paloma Peña had, who paved the way for her squad’s perdition with the tragic bridge in the first Mexican goal scored by Nicolett Hernández at 11 minutes .

This play generated enormous distrust in the goalkeeper and her defenders to be able to control the Mexicans who, in the face of so many facilities, built an offensive siege that except for a break from the Caribbean team that was about to surprise the Aztec goalkeeper Esthefanny Barreras.

The rest of the plays of the first half were generated in the area of ​​​​the island squad that began to feel the hardness, if not the denseness and thus Jaqueline Ovalle was present on the scoreboard with her first goal in the 13th minute, then Karen Luna put the 3-0 at minute 20, Ovalle 4-0 at 24 minutes.

The end came almost at the end of the first half when Rebeca Bernal scored 5-0 at minute 44 and Diana Ordoñez with the sixth goal at 45+4 closed the first half in a spectacular way.

In the second half, the Mexican team took their foot off the accelerator and although it is true that the scoring options remained, now the arrivals of the national team were not so dangerous.

Thus Jasmine Casarez scored 7-0 at minute 70 and finally Mayra Pelayo appeared in stoppage time to close the score when the clock showed 90+3.

Mexico will now have its litmus test when it faces the powerful team of the United States that Monday, February 26, an adversary that, even though it is in the reconstruction stage, has a lot of power and will be a very different rival to the Dominicans.

The Aztec team tied three days ago with their counterpart from Argentina 0-0, which means they will have to compete against the North Americans.

Imago 1477521
Nicolette Hernández at the right moment to take the shot that led to the first goal of Mexico’s 8-0 win over the Dominican Republic. Photo: Eloísa Sánchez/Imago7

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