Adamari López surprises with the large number of shoes he has in his dressing room at Univision – El Diario NY

Adamari López surprises with the large number of shoes he has in his dressing room at Univision – El Diario NY

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The television presenter Adamari Lopez He is one of the figures on Hispanic television who shares the most close content with his audience, since he frequently sees several of the things he does on a daily basis.

For example, this week the Puerto Rican filmed herself in her dressing room while she was fixing her large number of shoes.

“A very, very big kiss for everyone, here I am in my new project called ‘Desiguales’, we are going to be on Univision from Monday to Friday, at 2 in the afternoon, to bring a nice program, together with Amara la Negra, Dr. Nancy Álvarez, Karina Banda and I will be there, we are going to talk about current issues and although we are women, we are unequal, we have different thoughts, different cultures, ages, and from our point of view, our ways of be, we are going to talk about different topics,” said the famous woman in the video she uploaded to her Facebook page.

In addition to this, he commented that he was making some arrangements for everything he had in his dressing room and one of the things he had the most were shoes. For this reason, the ‘Chaparrita de Oro’ said that one of her priorities is organizing her footwear, due to the large quantity she has.

“You know that I like to be super organized and have the greatest number of options that I may need, depending on the changes that I put on because I brought a large number of shoes, most of them are from Flor de María, which I love, you know “I wear a lot of her shoes and I’m putting everything in the dressing room,” he said.

In her new dressing room at Univision, the Puerto Rican said that she wants to have photos with her daughter and other details, since she will spend a lot of time there, since the program is from Monday to Friday.

“Since one spends a lot of time here, this space I have is the most similar to me,” he said.

He also showed some pieces of clothing and promised that he will continue to show content of everything he has in his dressing room.

“I know it will be a nice experience because I have great colleagues”he commented in the audiovisual material he uploaded.

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