To travel outside the United States, do I need a passport or can I present my Green Card?

To travel outside the United States, do I need a passport or can I present my Green Card?

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The Green Card or permanent residence card is the document that grants legal status to foreign citizens who have established themselves, as their name indicates, permanently in the country. With this accreditation, legal residents in the United States have the possibility of living and working without fear of being deported for as long as this document supports them. That is why many people long to be able to obtain such a precious status.

To process the Green Card Foreign citizens must also complete a series of procedures and requirements as with any other accreditation issued by the immigration authorities of USAIn addition, many people want to obtain this status because it is also considered the first step in the process of obtaining US citizenship, the ultimate goal of many migrants who have traveled to the United States in search of better opportunities.

However, although obtaining the Green Card is synonymous with a much more stable and permanent immigration status than that granted by a visamany people wonder if they still need to have passport to be able to make trips both outside the United States and within the same territory, therefore, today we will share with you if it is necessary that you also have a passport in case you are going to travel and have Green Card.

Green Card or passport to travel

If it is a journey international, of course you must have a passport, regardless of whether you have a Green Card, although this card accredits you as a permanent and legal resident in USA It does not replace the functions of the passport, in addition to each accreditation having a purpose, they also have different validity periods, your passport has been issued by the government of your native country, which accredits you as a citizen.

Besides your Green Card, the immigration authorities of both USA As for the country you are going to visit, they will ask you to present your passport when entering and leaving both territories. Even if you have a Green Card, you may not be able to enter other countries without presenting your passport. In case the validity of your Green Card is close to expiring, you must take care of renewing it in case you need to make a journey international.

In case you are going to make a trip within the territory of United States andIt is important that you keep in mind that you will only have to bring your Green Card or a copy in case you need to identify yourself to prove who you are or your legal status within the country. Now you know that in case of traveling internationally you will require your passport issued by the authorities of your country of origin, and in case of local trips you will only have to be accompanied by your Green Card.

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