Mexican engineer goes to Canada and lives better selling chicken

Mexican engineer goes to Canada and lives better selling chicken

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One of the advantages of the internet is that we can connect with people from other countries and learn about their life stories. This has also been facilitated by the video format of social networks, where it has become a trend for them to share intimate details of their lives, just as one did. engineer Mexicanwho in recent days went viral by revealing that in Canada Earn more money and without trying so hard, sell! chicken! This is his story.

In Mexico the minimum wage is much lower than other North American countries. In the United States and Canada Workers can earn up to three times as much, although we must also consider that the cost of living is much higher, this is the reason why more and more Americans are moving to Mexico, since they can enjoy products and services at a much more affordable price than in your country. On the other hand, there are those who pursue the American dream.

Every year thousands of Mexicans emigrate in search of a better quality of life and a better salary, even if this means that they do not pursue their careers, since, many times, it is difficult to find work as a professional, if you did not study at university in the country you move to. Something like this was what happened to a engineer Mexican who, in search of a fair salary, moved to Canadawhere he currently lives.


Mexican receives a salary of more than 50 thousand as a pollero

He engineer He shared his story through the TikTok platform. The video, which quickly went viral, was filled with hundreds of reactions from Internet users. In this he details that he now does not pursue his career as he used to do in Mexico; However, he found a better job in which he does not work as hard and receives a slightly higher salary, at the same time he enjoys living in another country, meeting other people and another lifestyle.

Previously, the aforementioned earned 12 thousand Mexican pesos for a day of five days a week, with a schedule of up to 8 hours per day. And now he increased his income to 14 thousand Mexican pesos per week with a schedule from Monday to Friday and only sells chickens. The comments received on the video were positive and others were more negative, although this does not determine whether their decision was intelligent or not.

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