Today: Everything that happened in the new beginning

Today: Everything that happened in the new beginning

This is how Adamari López received the new presenters of 'Hoy Día'.

This is how Adamari López received the new presenters of ‘Hoy Día’.

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This December 5, at 7/6 Am began the new stage of ‘Today’, in the mornings of Telemundo, and then We tell you everything that happened in this new beginning for a team that has the challenge of winning back the public.

Presented by the only one that remained from the previous stage, Adamari Lopezmade their debut Penélope Menchaca, Chyky Bombom, and Andrea Meza. With colorful dresses, as well as the new set that is much warmer than the previous one, and quite similar to that of ‘Venga la Alegría’ on Tv Azteca, but without Christmas details, they came to the cry of “Good, good”.

In the news, as we told you, Follow Nicole Suarez, who, also as we told you, had little participationsince the information is almost brief, and in fact they started not with politics, but with concern for the state of health of the Brazilian soccer player, Pelé.

With a Penelope Menchaca full of energy and joy, she premiered a new long tablelike the picture of the last supper of Jesus, where they began what will be one of the strong segments of this era ‘Spicy and Explosives’, where they talk about entertainment and gossip.

Of course, there was already the guest man of the week, Daniel Arenas, who with a calm voice and almost whispering sure stole the hearts of the viewers who were still looking at him from his little bed.

One of the two entrees came quickly: Adamari López’s exclusive interview with El Chapo de Sinaloa on a boatnavigating one of the rivers of Miami. More than deep, it was fun, because even the beloved Puerto Rican was encouraged to sing and ask him to do a duet.

Although they promised to make us drool with Grandma’s recipes, to begin with they inaugurated the kitchen a little lighter, consistent with this first show. As a guest, chef Mauricio García made a caprese saladin which he only required the help of Giselle Blondet and Adamari to cut the tomato, mozzarella, and basil.

One of the spicy and explosive moments, just like the name of their segment, was when they talked about Shakira’s denial about her having a boyfriend or not.. There he spoke Adamari to highlight the importance of speaking clearly to children about boyfriends or girlfriends when parents are separated. Let’s remember that in his case, Alaïa’s father, Toni Costa, is in a relationship.

Another of the most promised moments was theChiky Bombom’s confession about everything he has had to go through to achieve today the dream of hosting a morning show. But the interview was not conducted by one of her companions, but rather they brought Lourdes Stephen, presenter of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ to take care of that intimate moment.

The beloved Dominican recounted what she had already confessed on several occasions: the different depressions he went through in his lifebeing a single mother, and cow thanks to his strength, his religious beliefs and especially his son, Cartier, he got ahead.

It was precisely the little love of her life who came to the set to surprise her with a huge bouquet of flowers that kept bringing Chiky Bombom to tears.

In addition to Lourdes, they had other guests in what they called ‘the morning of the queens’, Giselle Blondet, from ‘La Mesa Caliente’, and Alicia Machado first winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

As they themselves told you, they had the celebrations to the fans, and they even congratulated a puppy! The horoscope, an interview with the successful Julión Álvarez, and the musical number that gave Penélope the ‘lucky kick’: Caliber 51.

The debut show had an hour less than what we usually see, because they had to give way to the game of the day because, as we know, Telemundo is the Qatar World Cup channel.



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